Sunday, December 21, 2008

snow is everywhere!

Here in Oregon, in the valley, we don't usually get much snow. It might snow early on a Monday morning but it is usually gone by 11am. Last week it snowed off and on and the roads were pretty bad for the most part. I had one of the guys from work pick me up Mon., Tues., and Wednesday and the roads were finally clear enough for me to drive on Thursday. Friday morning it snowed again. But this weekend is unlike ANYTHING I have ever seen! It snowed all day on Saturday. This morning I walked to the dumpster and to check the mail and there was a thick sheet of ice on top of the snow. Then later today there was more freezing rain and snow. There is about 10 inches out the back on the cars that haven't gone anywhere. This is the most snow I've ever seen here and I have lived in this area most of my life. My boss called me tonight to tell me not to bother coming in tomorrow. There is no indication of any of this melting off any time soon. I heard it also snowed in Las Vegas and Miami. We are having unprecendented snowfall around the country including here. Now I tell you, how can anyone try to push the bullshit hoax of global warming now?!

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