Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hope you like Chinese food (part 6)

I called this. I would like just a little bit of credit for having called this. Just because they haven't done anything about it yet, does not mean they won't.

Let me put it in high school scenario English. The US, UK, and EU are like the really popular kids, whose parents used to be totally ass rich but have had their portfolios scammed on, and/or their ponzi schemes are falling apart. China is like the local computer nerd who WANTS to be popular. He has made his own money pirating software and writing virus's for shady undercover agents. So although he needs and wants approval from the popular kids, he has yet no understanding of his potential to be an evil genius that can literally take over the world.

Let's say Hillary, (who although has a long-time reputation as one of the popular kids, alot of people around school think maybe she is a liar and a dyke - vicious unabashed rumours all of them but that's high school for you!) goes to China and says the equivalent of "You do want to be one of the popular kids don't you?" So China basically shrugs and says, "yeah..." Which brings us up to date if I'm not mistaken. Let's also say at the same time, some of the bigger, dumber popular jocks have taken to snapping China's ass with towels in gym or slamming him into the lockers from time to time. At what point does China get pissed and not care about being popular, but decides to get even. Yeah, that is what I'm talking about.

Does China just tell one of the teachers? Or does he load the school up with C-4 with a remote trigger and blow it all to smithereens? Who knows the mind of these evil genius's anyway. (sorry, I don't know the plural of genius!)

I'm just saying...

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