Wednesday, April 18, 2012

All my secret sins...

You will really hate me when I tell you what I have been doing lately. I've been catching up on watching all the Harry Potter movies I denied myself the last couple years due to the fact that Harry Potter is of the debil. I'm watching the Deathly Hallows part 1 and as soon as I can - possibly ppv this weekend, I will watch the Deathly Hallows part 2. I already read all the books - and loved them AND let my kids read them, so I believe the damage has already been done at some level. I'd do it all again, because I feel no guilt about it whatsoever. It may actually be the only books my son has ever read because he hates to read.

lots of love my friends!


Mrs White said...

I haven't read the Harry Potter books although I believe I watched the first movie in its entirety.
I had a little laugh when you commented that Harry Potter is of the debil because that is how I was raised. I wasn't allowed to watch certain things, etc for this same reason. However, as a parent myself, I haven't become like that. I guess I feel that while things may be of the debil that we should be strong enough in our faith for it to not have such a negative effect on us. While children are young and impressionable I've left that responsibility on myself to teach my kids so that they could also not fall prey to what is of the debil. I see these things for just what they are, entertainment and not as something that is meant to sway my beliefs.
But..I do understand the restrictions people place on themselves and their children.
Enjoy your Harry Potter!
Be strong in your faith.

Mrs White

wendyworn said...

Thanks much Mrs. White.

Ma said...

Not Harry!


My hubby remarked that maybe we should check these out too, someday. We've never seen or read any of it.

Over the winter, he bought all the Narnia movies and then the Lord of the Rings movies for us, too. I was amazed at the amount of verboden things (wizards, fairies, etc.) by Christian authors, but it's all about conscience and truth. The bible is full of really real stuff and it ain't all pretty.

I loved both series and think they are good for teaching good/evil and the whole theme that good will triumph in the end!

wendyworn said...

I was always a science fiction buff and I am going through the process of re-evaluating everything in my legalism that I put away. Entire wars could be started in Christian circles concerning Harry Potter and that whole genre, that is where the devil is - if he can get all the Christians fighting amongst themselves over stuff that ultimately doesn't matter.

I'm probably re-watch all the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes again at some point too. I loved that show when it was on.

Jesus said it wasn't what was outside of man that defiles him, but what is inside. That is where the true spiritual battle lies, and not with things like Harry Potter.

thanks for commenting!
lots of Love

wendyworn said...

Ma - I highly recommend that you read the books first before you see the movies if you can. They are really excellent books.

samer said...

I have watch all harry potter movies, and I would highly recommend everyone to watch them all, its nice story.
but i dont even read the books, have no much time to read them.

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Laura Ann said...

I love the HP series! I read all of the books, anxiously awaiting the next to be released of course. Kids these days have it so easy! One of my favorite veg out activities is to have a Harry Potter movie marathon.