Monday, August 6, 2012

Full Circle

Guess what? I got my old van back right here in Casper Wyoming. My son had it shipped out to me because he is getting ready to be deployed to Qatar and he wasn’t using it anyway – having two other vehicles. Amazing how the Lord preserved that for me. The other little car I had died recently so this is great timing.

Other than that, things are ok. My social life is picking up so I am not spending so many nights home alone. I’ve been helping with the single’s ministry at the local church and have met some great people. I’ve noticed the Lord protecting me from situations that I am not even aware of – until after I realize that if the Lord had not intervened it would have been much worse.

I sometimes think about Elijah and wonder what he did for those three years that he stayed at the widow’s house. Did he freak out and wonder what God had planned for him? Maybe people were much more patient back then.

I’m just working a lot of hours and having dinner with friends here and there and that is about it. I still miss the open road but there is a season for everything and I am still where the Lord has placed me, even if it doesn’t make for exciting blog posts.

Hope you all are doing grand.
Lots of love


Ma said...

I love that van. I didn't know your son was in the service.

wendyworn said...

I love that van too! My son is in the Air Force and this will be his first deployment overseas.

Don said...

Hey, nice wheels! Ummm, can I have a ride? ;-)

wendyworn said...

sure you can have a ride! I just got the title today and I'm going this afternoon to get the tags and new license plates so that I will be legal. It will be so nice to go do laundry and grocery shopping without having to rent a vehicle!