Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Man Without Minutes

I have to say - the whole dating game can be so disappointing. I met a guy that I really liked and we talked for four hours on Friday night and everything seemed great with tentative plans to get together with our bibles and his agnostic friend and find out once and for all if there is a Hell or not. Then, he blew me off and did not return my emails - which was so very brother in Christ of him. So when I realized that I had been blown off - I was having a conversation with the Lord. Why have the guy call me in the first place Lord? What was the point of that - so I can once again experience rejection? How long Lord, before the right guy comes along?

Of course, I was having this conversation with the Lord at my desk at work and the "getting my hopes up once again just to have them come crashing down hard" was sort of spilling out with tears of frustration. A girl I work with caught me crying at my desk and asked me what was wrong.

"Nothing" I said, quickly trying to erase the evidence with a kleenix.

"Liar! tell me!" she said as she stood at my desk.

I told her about talking to this guy and how I thought it was a great conversation and I liked him for a while before he called me and now he was blowing me off and that it actually hurt and how if he hadn't called me in the first place I would have been fine. "I mean - I thought we had this great conversation. It was four hours! He ran out of minutes twice."

"see Linda," she said, "There is your problem. There are plenty of men out there - good men - who never run out of minutes."

I laughed. It was so what I needed to hear at that moment. She gave me a hug and went on her way. A man without minutes - yes that is what I need!

Lots of love my friends!


V said...

Don't let it get to you. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. So, everytime something like that does not work out, just smile. It means something better is meant for you..

wendyworn said...

Thanks V - I agree. I know the Lord has something good - something worth waiting for - for me. Plus - I could have just dodged a bullet on that one anyway.
thanks for commenting!

Momma TeeBee said...

Just happened upon your blog. I am sure the Lord has someone very special for you. The Lord's timing is perfect and He alone will lead and guide you to the man He has for you. I know from experience it is hard to wait, but God's man for you will be worth the wait!!! God Bless!

wendyworn said...

Thanks MommaTeeBee - for your sweet comment. It is hard to wait and patience has definitely been a theme throughout this journey. I know the Lord will bring that guy to me when the time is right.
lots of love!

Botts said...

Wendyworn, I don't know you and you don't know me, but I found your blog by hitting the 'next blog' button at the top of my own blog, and your blog was the 'next blog.'

I have spent the last half hour reading back a little. I read about your encouragement to vote the 3rd party candidate. I agree.
You also speak a lot of how God is in charge. I agree.

I have just really enjoyed getting to know you better. I am awake and trying to wake up as many people as I can as well. I began waking about 5 years ago.

Anyway, I'd like to follow your blog, if that is alright with you. I have found much that I feel inspired by you.

Sarah from Tremonton, Utah

wendyworn said...

that would be wonderful if you want to follow my blog
thanks for commenting!