Thursday, March 22, 2018

sock puppet theater

i don't know what to say. There had been so much that I could comment on. Have I gotten sucked back into politics? Yes. Have I looked into Mandela effect. Yes. Is the earth flat? I don't know but it is not a spinning globe. After that we can't know because they are hiding the truth. Everything we were taught as kids and everything we KNEW as truth is a lie. Everything. Who are they you ask? My mom asked me the same thing. I said, the people that are working toward the evil agenda. I could name names, but you already know who they are. Even if you name names it doesn't matter because we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principality's and powers and spiritual wickedness on high. Now, there is the Transgenda. Its come into my family. My very very innocent niece who went to college right out of high school. A niece who had never had a boyfriend before. A niece who had absolutely no discernment so when a female to male tranny targeted her and started a relationship with her, she only saw this as a boy. Her mom, my sister could have took me aside and told me the truth. For 8 months this realtionship was going on. But she didn't. she said when confronted, "I'm ok with it.". Really? you are okay with a sexual pretator preying on your very innocent 17 year old daughter. Needless to say, when I told my brother in law that he should protect his daughter by pulling her out of that school, I have not been to a family gathering since. I am sick and tired of having the transgenda shoved down my throat and I will not tolerate it at Christmas and Thanksgiving either. I am beginning to hate this place.


Richard Brough said...

His yoke is easy and His burden light. Don't take on burdens which you were never intended to carry. Cast your cares on Him for He careth for you.

wendyworn said...

Thanks Richard. Hope you are doing well.

wendyworn said...

you have been following me for a long time.
God has put it on your heart to comment here when most people have left. I have no people that I can really talk to. There is a man here that has a big big demon that will not be cast out just on the name of jesus christ. This demon thinks he has the legal right to this person. I don't know that I can help this person and I want to know if you have any insight on what I can do. I know it is not me but God. I believe that i am here to help this person but also feel that i am out of my league. Do you have any insight in this situation?

Richard Brough said...

The disciples had the same issue while Jesus was on the mount of transfiguration. His answer, prayer and fasting.

wendyworn said...

Thank you Richard. That really helps me. God bless

Richard Brough said...

I have been very uncharitable with my dealings with Joseph Herrin. He no longer responds to any of my messages. I love the majority of his teachings, but sometimes he seems to want us to put ourselves in perilous situations at his leading but not (in my current understanding) the Holy Spirit's leading. I also find his obsession with numbers and trying to find hidden meaning in carnal things disturbing. I also disagree with his teaching that the Son of God is a created being. I have found him to be very gracious and wise in my correspondence with him, but I have obviously crossed the line with him.

wendyworn said...

Ahh yes, Joseph Herrin. I have had my own issues over the years with him. I can expand on some of those if you want to email me at Twice the Lord impressed on me to write him while he was in jail which I did gladly. I stopped reading his blog a couple years ago because I believed he was in error and saw that he was not meek to people who pointed it out to him. At the time I felt the Lord tell me to just leave it alone and walk away. You can still love someone but get frustrated with them when they refuse to acknowledge the truth, but continue in error. He does have a ministry because people grow, layer by layer and precept upon precept. When we are children we need a leader and a teacher until we can walk on our own. It is the Holy Spirit that teaches us when we grow up, the Kingdom of God is within you. I learned a lot from him several years ago and had a good relationship with him, but he also hurt me pretty badly, and I actually thought that there was something wrong with me. Pray for him, but don't beat yourself up about it either. It just may be time to walk away.
God bless brother

Richard Brough said...

Because Joseph has sacrificed so much, he believes that what he writes is inspired. He describes himself as a scribe writing out the things he has directly received from God in a writing on the trinity. That is why he refuses to be corrected or rebuked. It is sad because his writings in the main part are truly enlightening and truthful(in my opinion). He is currently just reposting past books. The current book he is reposting on Sabbath rest is truly insightful and life changing. I have accepted our current relationship and will continue to suck the marrow out of those writings of his which speak to me. You are right about the Holy Spirit being our teacher, but he uses our brethren to bring correction, like Paul had to rebuke Peter about not eating with gentile believers. Sometimes those most close to Jesus can be blinded in some way. Humility and brokenness before our saviour is a safe place to be.

wendyworn said...

With all due respect Richard,

"sometimes those most close to Jesus can be blinded in some way"?

And sometimes an ASS speaks with a man's voice. Joseph Herrin is a false prophet. Twice he has predicted God's Wrath on America - once during Y2K and again in 2012 both of which he had to publicly apologize for. 2013 he predicted that a civil war would break out and brother would fight against brother and blood would run in the streets. (I'm not saying there isn't a little truth in that statement but not the way he predicted it).

I have seen with my own eyes him steal other people's research, post it on his blog as if he had written it and not attribute it to the original author. He has to re-post his old stuff because that was inspired, and he doesn't have anything fresh to offer. He is also very legalistic and believes that he actually is closer to Jesus than anyone else. You are just as close to Jesus as he is and even more so because you are concerned that you aren't. He even had the audacity to think that God wanted him to rewrite the bible? I read his version of Genesis, and knew when he called the firmament 'sky' that was not inspired.

So you can suck on those old dry bones if you want but your loyalty should be to the truth and not a man. Especially not Joseph Herrin.

I don't want you to think I'm being harsh. It is not directed at you but him for leading others into error and hurting people with his holier than thou gentle words bullshit.

If you would like some fresh word and true inspiration, I would recommend J. Preston Eby's Revelation series.

I would even recommend you start at #195 and work your way backwards. That is relevant to us today.

I'm going to bed. I will be praying for you and I truly have appreciated your comments. God bless you and have a great day.


P.S. When I have talked to my husband about my past relationship with Joseph Herrin I may have used the term "arch nemesis" so you may want to get a 2nd opinion...just saying

Richard Brough said...

Lol Linda, May God grant him repentance! I have accused him directly of being a false prophet, His response? "he never held himself to be a prophet, but a teacher". I told him that he was being disingenuous (I.e. a liar). He is a very dangerous man because he presents much truth, but is arrogant and prideful when confronted. I have read some Preston-Eby stuff in the past, I need to go back and have another look. Good Night.