Thursday, November 13, 2008


There was an episode of the new Dr. Who that I watched a couple months ago. I don't remember the name of the episode but there was two things about that episode that stuck in my mind.

The first was special Emotion pills. A woman was selling them and tried to get Dr. Who to buy one. She was telling him that business was booming until one special pill came out and once the people had that pill they stopped buying all the rest. He asked her what emotion it was and she answered, "Bliss."

The second was the Freeway. The living conditions were really bad in the town. The rumor was that it was really wonderful in the City, but that you had to take the Freeway to get there. So everyone knew someone who had gotten on the Freeway and they never saw or heard from them again, but they just assumed the people were in the City. Dr. Who went to investigate the Freeway and found that the people had been on the Freeway for years and were raising their kids in their cars etc. When Dr. Who got down to the bottom of the Freeway, he discovered that there was a huge monster that was eating the people in the cars and that the idea of the City was a big lie.

This whole bail-out by the government is like that episode. All the people who believe that the government is REALLY trying to help our economy, are like the people on the Freeway, happily raising their kids and waiting for years to get into the City. The people running our government and the treasury and the FED who are perpetrating the BIGGEST LYING FRAUD in the history of the world, are the big evil monster at the bottom who will eat you alive. I feel like Dr. Who, because if you try to warn the people on the Freeway that there is an evil monster at the bottom, and no City at all, they will not believe you and will just drive merrily to their deaths, Blissfully remaining ignorant because they don't want to believe the truth, only the lie.

Ignorance is NOT bliss. The thieves who have hi-jacked our constitutional government are not trying to fix the economy or our banking system. They are systematically destroying it in order for them to introduce a global monetary system. This has all been planned. There is no glorius City waiting for us - only the death of the republic for a global society.

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