Saturday, November 8, 2008

Open letter to those who refuse to prepare

A depression is coming. The economy is being artificially propped up in order to dump the economic (among other) problems in the lap of the new administration. Barack Hussien Obama has been elected president but we won't really know for sure until the electoral college vote in December. There is the fact that Obama has still, to this day, failed to produce his birth certificate proving he is even a citizen, and therefore even eligible to be our next President. Far bigger forces are at work here. Please read this link from Karl the Ticker Guy who explains very clearly what is happening in our economy.

The day IS coming where running down to the local store for milk or bread or baby formula, will only find empty shelves. Please stock up on canned goods, formula, meat, flour, stuff you need to survive. Even if you can only stock up for weeks rather than months, it is better than nothing. Put some cash away in case the debit card machines aren't working. It doesnt hurt to be prepared, and if something happens you will be glad you did. It is better than being caught unaware.

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