Friday, May 29, 2009

Escaping Egypt...

It's harder than you think. The Lord has been preparing me for this trip for almost a year. It was really August 2008 when the Spirit of Christ starting showing me that my life was overcome with sin and that I would be numbered with the transgressors if I did not clean it up.

Not by my power mind you, but the Father was mightily working in me to the pulling down of strongholds and giants in my life. I was delivered of fornicating, drinking, smoking, watching tv and playing video games. I starting praying and crying before the Lord asking to know what THE truth is and that I wanted to be an overcomer. There is far too many stories involved to catch you up between then and now, suffice it to say, I am a far different person.

The Lord has called me out to the wilderness. He already had me cleaning my house and getting rid of stuff and I had food and water and coolers and blankets stuffed into the back of my toyota corolla, in preparation that at any moment I could be told to drive and get out of dodge. That was Sept 2008. I thought that judgement was going to happen any literal moment. When it didnt happen then, I asked the Lord for a warning of some kind. The idea of a 30 day notice to get rid of my job, and apartment full of stuff, etc. Not that that necessarily means that Judgement is literally coming the moment I leave the area, but that I would just have more time for preparations.

At the end of April, there were many proofs that it was time for my 30 days notice. My friend giving me a van that I could live in if necessary was one of the proofs and I gave my notice at my job and my apartment.

May 27th was my last day at work. My boss actually called today (the 29th) to ask me a question. My first thought was yeah, welcome to my nightmare. My second thought was Dead Eqyptians are just goint to have to figure these thing out without me.

well, there is more to write, but this is already a pretty long post. I'm not quite out of Egypt yet. Guess we must have a commemorative song. (EXCUSE THE AD!!!) It really is Eqypt!

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