Sunday, March 11, 2012

False prophets and other liars

What ever happened to planet X? Just curious, because I never hear about planet X anymore. Or brown dwarves or Elenid or any of it. My personal favorite may have been that we are a binary star system, with a dark star - yeah that's it. That one was from a man who wrote books about how Jesus was going to come back in 2006. So yeah, a very realiable source indeed. I guess I dont hear much about that stuff largely due to the fact that the websites that I use to go to where they were always talking about stuff like that, I just don't go there anymore.

I don't know if it is the time change, or my hot flashes, or just the Lord waking me up to type this blog in the middle of the night. I've been thinking a little about ministries. Several ministries that I actually recommended in my early days of this blog I would want to adamantly warn you against now. One of the main ministries I felt strongly about in the beginning of this blog - they all, as a whole, went off the deep end. I mean REALLY off. I believe last I checked they were building a refuge out in the middle of nowhere Tennessee to wait out the BIG ONE. The BIG ONE that they all had dreams and visions about that of course did not come true.

So many people made predictions back in 2008 that the government was going to fall, that Obama was going to be (you know - just don't want to say it and have all the search spiders get me! - know what I mean vern?) That America was going to bite the big one for its many sins etc etc etc. But not one of those predictions came true. The big one didn't hit, planet x did not destroy the planet, and last but not least, Jesus did not come back.

Yet, alot of those same people, dont stop making predictions. They love to say "thus says the Lord" and then curse you and the country and the horse you rode in on. They are like the modern astrologers with a Christian slant. They say stuff like, "my judgement is harsh, repent and be saved from the many horrific and catastrophic things I am going to reign down on all of you. only a scant few of you are going to make it, better cling to me now." It sounds REALLY scary and people are afraid when they hear that stuff because deep down, they believe in a mean abusive God who steals, kills and destroys and yet is a big love teddy bear if you can get on his good side.

Strangest of all, is these same people who make these evil predictions that don't come true, and shake in their boots at the idea of a huge asteroid hitting the Yellowstone caldera and all sorts of craziness (and yes, I was actually in that camp at one time too and believed all that stuff - but the Lord opened my eyes and delivered me. Thank God.) Those people will get right up in your face to tell you how wrong you are and what a HERETIC you are if you say that God is going to save everyone in the end. I almost want to say to those people that think that not everyone will be saved, I want to say, "What? do you think Jesus failed?" Because if there was one person left out, than Jesus would have failed. But he didn't fail. He IS the savior of the world. You believe in Elenid, why won't you believe that He is the savior of the world. Jesus said he didn't lose anyone except the son of perdition, and he only lost that one because scripture had to be fulfilled. I know the hardest part to believe is that even Judas will be saved in the end. All the bad guys will be saved. Maybe you have been a bad guy in your life. I know I have. Maybe at various times we have been the bad guy that God used to sharpen someone else. I dont know. I'm sure that even though I dont want to be, I will be the bad guy - the betrayer - again.

well, gotta go back to bed now. God is good. God is love. All things work together for good - even planet x and the son of perdition. Until next time...

lots of love!


Ma said...

I know whut you mean, Vern:) I had to laugh, my step dad just introduced the wonderful world of Ernest movies to my boys a couple of weeks ago. He saw a three movie DVD while out and picked it up for them, he's such a sweetie that way...and I was so rotten to him when he and my mom started dating...okay I was only 16 at the time and of course knew everything, but he's always shown me nothing but love. I am trying to make up for my former awfulness with him, with a lot of people.

And what ever happened to 2012? That was so 2008.


wendyworn said...

That WAS so 2008! you are right. Strange how these things work out! thanks for commenting!