Tuesday, May 29, 2012


It is strange, but I am finally beginning to see why hope is so important. Hope is based on trust. Without trust – as in the kind of blind trust you must go through when you turn your life and your will over to the Father – without that – you have no real hope. Faith is a part of it as well, because Faith is trust. You are trusting that the Father is going to bring what you are hoping for to pass. You have faith that the Lord will bring it to pass. I understand the concept of trust more than I understand what faith is. Because the opposite of trust is betrayal and the opposite of faith is unbelief.

Ironically – and these things always trip me out when I come across them – one of the very first times hope is translated in the bible – it is in the context of hoping for a husband. (Ruth 1:12) A feeling I am well acquainted with – and have had my own struggles with unbelief and lack of trusting in the Father in this area.

I have recently been spending some time with another of my single girlfriends who is having relationship issues. I told her what my prayer was – that the Lord will bring me that good, godly husband, and protect my heart from anyone else. It reminds me of not looking for work when the Lord told me not to. Had I gotten a job out there in Oregon – I would have missed this great job here in Wyoming. I am feeling the same thing as far as dating goes. I believe the Lord is guarding my heart and showing me not to settle, but to let Him be in charge of my relationships. Whether it is His will for me to be single, then to help me be content with that, and if it is His will for me to be married – that He will bring that man to me and that I will be patient, and that He will protect my heart from all the rest.

Waiting in Hope.



Ma said...

This makes me think of Psalm 37:4.

Mrs White said...

Thanks for this post.
I too am waiting in hope.
I'm at a time of life when things should be incredibly happy and the devil is wreaking havoc in my home. I have faith but i'm losing hope.
Will continue to pray too.

Mrs White

wendyworn said...

I am well acquainted with the idea of losing hope Mrs. White. I wish I would have grabbed onto God like a life preserver instead of giving into despair. But today, even if it is moment by moment, I cling to Him in hope - because the alternative is far worse.

thanks for reading my blog and all your prayers.
love in Christ