Monday, May 7, 2012

The Will of the Father

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I’ve been renting a car on payday. There is an Enterprise Rent-a-car within walking distance from my house and for only $9.99 a day I can rent a car from Friday – Monday. It sounded like a really good solution to my lack of car dilemma until I realized I needed to pay an additional $21 per day if I wanted to be insured.

To finally drive a car after so many months of being driven around by others was a breath of fresh air. I could drive to the FireRock – best restaurant in town – and have some lunch. I could drive to Kohl’s and use my 20% off coupon and stop at a garage sale on the way. I could drive around the East side of town, where my aunt never goes, just to see what there is to see. But mostly, I could get out of the house, where the quiet was too loud and my loneliness was literally choking me.

This weekend – having a car was especially wonderful since I had an opportunity to meet some really amazing people outside of work and hang out with them. To my surprise I met someone who understands the spiritual journey I have been on to seek the Lord and His will for my life. Someone whose first reaction was grace and understanding instead of automatically thinking I was a nutcase. Being able to drive the rental made that possible.

Unfortunately, it also dawned on me this weekend that I could not afford to continue to rent a car every other weekend and still be able to save up for a car. With a sinking feeling, I began to understand that this was going to be my last weekend to rent a car for a while. It was becoming a need for me to have a car – for sanity purposes – and I was just going to have to knuckle down and save up for one.

That afternoon as us girls were sitting in my aunt’s livingroom, my cousins were trying to give their solutions. My one cousin said, “There is a really cute white car near my house that is for sale.” I said, “How much?” she said, “I don’t know but it is really cute.” My other cousin said, “Maybe you should just get a new car already” I answered, “I’m not going to buy a new car and make $250 to $550 a month payments.” My aunt then says, “you could lease?!” I sigh. Then later my aunt says again, “don’t forget to pray about God’s will for leasing..”

I finally said, “Look, thanks for all the ideas, but lots of times the Lord has brought vehicles to me for free, or at least for me to buy outright without monthly payments. I don’t think it is the Lord’s will for me to have a car right now, because if it IS His will for me to have a car – a car will present itself.” At that moment – that is what I truly believed, that if the Lord wanted me to have a car – then He would bring me a car – simple as that.

Strangely when I came home last night, I was really tired and did not feel so bad being home by myself. My social life was beginning to look up with my new friends and I had this peaceful feeling. God is in control and He is going to take care of all my needs. I turned on my computer to check my email before I was going to go to bed early.

The phone rang. It was a man’s voice. “This is Stephen” he said. It was my cousin Stephen who NEVER calls me. He lives here in town. “Hello Stephen,” I said. “What can I do for you?”

He said, “I would like to give you my little silver car.” I was shocked, “Well, let me give you some money for it.”

He said, “No, it needs new tags and a tune-up so you can use your money to get those things. But it is running and it’s a good little car, I’m just going to get a new car and would like to give you this one.” I thanked him and we talked a little more and then we hung up. He has a couple things he wants to do on it and then he will bring it to my house later on this week.

I guess it IS God’s will for me to have a car after all. Thank you Lord!

God is good my friends! Lots of love!



Ma said...

This is very awesome!

wendyworn said...

I know. God really does look out for me. He is awesome!