Saturday, June 23, 2012

A few things

I am having a good time in Colorado Springs. I will post more on that later. For now - here is a great video to ponder.


Ma said...

I'm pondering it. He sure has a different view of things (eschatology in particular) to the group at Colorado Springs:) But I like them both.

I will be waiting to hear about your trip:)

wendyworn said...

It is very true that he is different than the group in Colorado - both are right about certain things. But I find that what I once believed about the book of revelation (what the group in Colorado Springs believe) I no longer believe it that way but I'm seeing things more like this guy in the video. We have to get past the traditions to see what is really being written, and then to see what it means spiritually. The deeper in you go - the more you realize how much you didn't know before. That is what is so cool about revelation. It is line by line and here a little, there a little.
thanks for commenting!
lots of love