Sunday, June 17, 2012

First Person Shooter

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In preparation of the coming Zombie Apocalypse, it is important that I know how to move and how to see my surroundings – especially behind me. Having never held an X-box controller before I found the task more daunting than I would have thought. My friend assured me that it takes some getting used to. “It is all about finesse,” he said, “keep your thumbs on these two buttons at all times. The left one moves your legs and the right one lets you look around.” We were eating pizza and having fun. It was a nice distraction from real life for just a moment. Because in truth, there are worse things than zombies.

My refusal to jump into the middle of a tug of war over a little girl has had far reaching ramifications. Before this week, even long before I came to Wyoming, the Lord told me to stay out of this thing. All along I have told both parties that I would not be on either side, but as emotions run high and this thing is beginning to come to a crescendo – they each want me to come in on their side and choose – who would be the better parent. So then one party decides to lie, alleging that I said, so and so, and the other party wants me to call the lawyer and dispute it. But I know, once I talk to a lawyer for whatever reason – then I’m involved and someone is going to get hurt. There are those that think that family loyalty dictates I should hurt the other party, but I need to obey God, rather than man.

Unfortunately for me, my refusal to take part was seen by the 2nd party as an automatic support for the first. Thus began the name calling and the guilt and shaming tactics. People who said over and over how much they love me, turned on a dime to now hate me. Even my aunt here in Wyoming, who really should have stayed out of it – entered the dispute against me. When I reminded her that this was the spirit of God in me telling me to stay out – she replied, “I don’t believe it is the spirit of God – I think it is just Linda.” That hurt.

But the Lord is my shield and buckler. He wrapped my heart in bubble wrap and all the name calling and fiery darts were not allowed to penetrate. He protected me from the devastation and hurt that this kind of situation would once have caused me. I also thanked him for the education. These people only loved me conditionally, only if I bend to their will – and in the long run, it is better to know.

So I prayed for these people, saying, “Lord, forgive them because they know not what they do.”

Good luck to those of you who are out there, where shooting zombies is a better alternative than what is going on in your life. Good hunting.

love and zombies,



Susan said...

Hi Linda,

I'm coming to similar terms with people (it can be so tricky!!!) and you are right that mostly the Lord wants us to stay out of these things, and to just observe and learn...and you are! Good for you! Jesus said to "watch and pray" and to "pray for our enemies". Yet people think "watch and pray" and "pray for peace of Jerusalem" means sending Israel war are the two equal???

So it comes down to this:

"Man's ways ARE NOT God's ways."

We can certainly rest on that fact, and continue to "watch and pray".

God will restore the things to be as they need to be in His time. We are responsible for what we do by working on the things that are ours to do, not get mixed up in other people's business, that is for the Lord to do IN HIS TIME.

And I'm glad you stuck to your guns about what Jesus put on your heart even when everyone turned against you as a result. It gives us a glimpse of what Jesus went through for us, eh? ;-)


wendyworn said...

thanks for commenting. It is a bad situation all around and I see the wisdom in staying out of it. This is not the first time I have had to stand on what the Lord has spoken to me, but the Lord is faithful and it gets easier. It is so true that people, and at times - especially christians - do not understand that love is the key and that hate and disputing are not what it means to follow Christ.

lots of love!

Ma said...

I've been dealing with some pretty heavy stuff here in my own realm that would have gotten a much different reaction from me before I started seeing that love is key. I'm glad the Lord works the way He does or I'd be making things much worse.

Father forgive them, they know not what they do. I am always glad that was recorded. He knows that we don't.

wendyworn said...

I'm with you Ma - love always wins - even if it doesn't feel like it at the time. I'm glad that it was recorded too. Plus, we remember when we were where they are - so we understand why they do what they do - it is so much easier to forgive that way.
lots of love!