Thursday, September 4, 2008

No more happy dances

I'm going to take a break from all the political stuff to talk about the best little guy. My ferret Flash.

In July he walked past and I noticed that he had this big lump on the side of his face. So I went over to check it out and I noticed that his glands were all swollen. This was a Sunday. On Monday I called to make an appointment to have the vet check him out. They said they couldn't get him in until Wednesday. Other than that he seemed okay so I thought Wednesday would be fine. So Tuesday night I thought I would give him a bath. Flash really hates being wet. I used to think that he hated baths, but I think he likes the bath part, it's the drying off part that he hates. Anyway, I dried him off as best I could, but then he usually runs around the house trying to dry himself off the rest of the way and being pissed at me for putting him in this position. Later, after he was dry, he was just lying in the middle of the floor. Which was very odd. I went over to pet him and ask him what was wrong. That was when I noticed that he could barely walk. I was shocked and realized something was terribly wrong so I took him to the vet hospital. Apparently his blood sugar was really low so they shaved one of his legs in order to give him an IV to get his blood sugar back up. That helped. The main vet told me that the real problem is he has lymphoma. Cancer.

So the vet started talking about chemotherapy and/or surgery and I said, I'm sorry, I don't have thousands of dollars to do all that. He said, well we could talk about euthanasia. I'm thinking, Hello! Isn't there some other in between options? So the doctor gave me some pain medication and steroids and I took him home.

I started giving him the steroids and stuff mixed in with this vitamin paste that he LOVES! And he's been okay for the most part.

But this morning, he didn't eat all the vitamin stuff and he hasn't hardly moved. I'm pretty sure that he isn't going to last much longer. So I put his food and water really close by and put his little stuffed spider that he loves by him. I'm going to watch him tonight. My friend who has had many many animals over the years, thinks I should take him down and have him put to sleep. But see, I'm not ready to do that. It reminds me of my parents in a way. Recently they had a living will done up. They put me in charge of the money, which is good because I would be fair and not steal it all for myself. But they put my sister in charge of whether or not they get hooked up to machinery or whether they pull the plug. Yeah, because I could never make the decision to pull the plug. Or the feeding tube or whatever else it is that prolongs the life. I just dont think it should be an option. (there's the argument of suffering - but please I suffer every time I go to my job with people I can't stand - that doesnt mean I should be shot)

So for now, I'm just praying for the little guy. If you happen to read this, pray for the little guy too. I would like to him to just go to sleep and dream about stealing cans out of the garbage and stashing them under the bed and just never wake up again. You know, naturally.


Ma said...

I'm so sorry. I know how much a pet can become such a part of you. We haven't had any in years, but before the kids we had cats that were our "kids".

This is a good excuse for me to read from the start of this. It looks like from the first post, that you had another blog before. What was that about?

wendyworn said...

The other blog was called, "Shit I think about" So it was fairly easy to delete because it was mostly crap anyway. Definately at a different place then too. :) Back in my carnal Christian days. It is really amazing how different I am now to when I was first starting this blog - I was so political then!

Ma said...

Very political indeed. But hey, it was an election year. I spent most of 2008 being preggos with number six, I wasn't interested in much else.

I guess I have no excuse this year. Are you at all interested in the happenings for the election?

wendyworn said...

amazingly - not interested in the least - although I personally believe Obama will do a second term. I learned the last time that your vote doesn't really count anyway, it's just sock puppet theater. But of course, just my opinion. I am a little shocked to revisit these posts and see how much my opinions and things I thought were important has changed. I believe the Lord really is doing a fast work with me.
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, since you signed up to Ma's "first post", I take it that you wanted people to see it. I know you are not wanting nosy folks commenting, but I gotta tell you, dear sister in Christ, that I admire you just the way you are, I read several of your early posts and I know you don't need to be told anything, you know the score as they say, you are awake. Just know many of us are, and I too am a bit jaded at it all, humbled but not defeated in Christ Jesus our Saviour.

Love to you and prayers for our journeys toward His goal, may He comfort and guide us through it all. He reigns! :D

wendyworn said...


Ma said...

I wouldn't be surprised to see Obama get elected again, either.