Friday, February 13, 2009

Can you imagine?

Having a job where you just scour the internet all day looking for blogs that state they hate the company you work for? That would SO SUCK! Wouldn't you think that reading blog after blog of people stating WHY they hate your company start to wear on you after a while? I mean, you would have to be awfully loyal to your company to not be swayed by the pages and pages of hate filled spew out there on the internet against your Illuminati owned company, er or your non-Illuminati owned company for that matter. See, I could so never be a paid disinfo agent. Unfortunately, most people are disinfo agents and don't even know it. I think they teach you how in schools these days. Take for instance the new flourescent bulb. The kids will come home from school in the near future and if they see you even trying to use an old fashioned non-mercury filled bulb, they will run screaming down the street and rat you out to the nearest cop. Yep, it will happen by golly.

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