Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hope you like Chinese food (Part 2)

I guess those of us who live in Oregon should be okay if the USA renegs on their obligations to China. Apparantly we have been kissing China's ass for quite some time. Our own Gov. Kulongoski has been over to China for some hobnobbing of his own. Yeah, all the explainations sound so good and plausible. I mean, look at the map below:

We are practically next door neighbors! But maybe you didnt know that Oregon was chosen by the NATIONAL SECURITY Education Program (NSEP) to lead the way in the "Oregon Chinese Flagship Program" whose goal is, "develop a national model of K-16 language education to produce Superior-level speakers of Chinese", read it for yourself here. Yeah, we will need some of those super-chinese-speakers when this happens. Egg rolls anyone?

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