Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Testing: My own personal run on the bank...

I sortof blame Karl the Ticker guy for posting thisRed Alert. I know that the economy is going to crash any minute, since it is already dead, and is only staying afloat by artificial means. So after reading The Market Ticker, I decided to take what little money I have out of the bank. If the market is crashing today then I am safe. If not, then I can re-deposit it later. Just to be safe I thought I would take out $500, which would still leave some in. So I tried to take $300 out of an ATM at the store and it would only let me take $200. Okay, so I got the $200 and then drove to my bank to try to get another $300 out of their ATM. They would only let me have $200 as well. So then I stopped at the gas station to try to get out the other $100, but it said I was exceeded the daily limit and to talk to my bank.

So basically I was only able to get $400 of my own money this morning before it alerted the authorities. A computerized voice called my cell phone about an hour later to check and see if I was the one trying to get my money out. I'm really glad this happened because it makes me think that I should just close the account anyway. I've kept it so I can write checks for bills, etc. This proves that if TSHTF I would be unable to access the little bit of money I have. Maybe I will just leave $75 in and then go in and buy money orders when I want to pay my bills.


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