Thursday, September 2, 2010


I was contemplating my lack of vegtables this morning. I have lots of peanut butter and bean dip and crackers and dried fruit (and Twizzlers - gotta have Twizzlers for road trip food.) But I did notice that I have not had any vegtables for awhile. Oh well, that is the least of my needs. I have been waiting on the Lord and asking for clear, unmistakable direction for my life.

I was going to write about hot showers today. I had a plan for the day (Lord willing). I was going to drive to the state park and have a hot shower, take some pictures in order to blog about how thankful I am for the hot showers at the park. Then I was going to meander back, get some gas, get comfy on the couch at the library and quilt as I listened to the teaching from David Eells ministry. So with this little plan in mind, I went out to my van.

It wouldn't start.

I am completely helpless when it comes to working on vehicles. I know nothing and can do nothing. I'm also not in a position to pay a bunch of money to have a shop work on it. I prayed for an answer and kept trying to start it, but it wouldn't start. Long story short, my brother in law came out to look at it. The starter is out, so we went and bought another starter and he was able to manually start the van in order for me to drive back to their house. They invited me to dinner and to stay at their house for a couple days. I thought that was very clear direction. Plus, they have an awesome vegtable garden.

Thank you Heavenly Father for always providing all my needs, even the least of them. Thank you for being so awesome and wonderful. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen


Joan The Baptist said...

Thank you Yahweh,

Yes, the starter needed to be fixed but prayers were answered. Yahweh has provided you with fresh produce, a hot meal, a nice shower, companionship, maybe some fellowship with your nephew. Thank you Yahweh for showing us that our plans don't always go as anticipated... BUT your will was surely done. Amen!!!

cliff hilbert said...

Now as for those Twizzlers...............hahahahahahahahahah! It's good to see you in such great spirits, Linda.

gotyme4u said...

I am so thankful to see you back at the blog and filling us all in as to how the Lord continues to provide. We need to hear these words of encourage in our societal climate of today....really. Thanks Linda and enjoy those Twizzlers. My favorite is peanut M&M's but they don't do so well in a hot van. :) Prayers your way Linda.