Wednesday, March 2, 2011

False Prophets 101 - Cult Mentality

Sometimes, false prophets are so good at what they do, that they are able to collect a huge following of people and the group becomes a cult. The people in a cult usually all agree on a set of doctrines - some true and some false. In fact, the closer the false doctrines are to the truth, the more people will believe and be won over to the cult's way of thinking. I have been the member of two different cults: The US Air Force and The Way International, so I am now immune to brain-washing techniques. (Praise the Lord!)

Here is a the typical way a cult is able to win over a new recruit.

1.) Target those people who are lonely, maybe have no friends or family to speak of, someone who is isolated and who is vulnerable and NEEDS the LORD!

2.) Make friends with that person - witness to them and invite them to come to the cult bible study. Invite them to BBQ's and other fun events and have the boys pay alot of attention to the girls and vice versa. Talk alot about all the benefits of our ministry (vs other ignorant and not as spiritual as us ministries) while still shielding them from any dark secrets that may be going on behind the scenes.

3.) Most cults are pyrimid schemes. The more you know, the more you are responsible to the cult for the knowledge they have taught you. More and more pressure to take their classes and go out witnessing for them is put on people. They want you to drop your old friends, stay away from your "unbelieving" family. We are your family now. Tithing is stressed, not just 10% but you should shoot for abundant giving because you want to please the Lord, etc.

4.) The Lord is the hook. What is really bad about the Way International, is they operate speaking in tongues and interpretation of tongues according to the bible, so that the manifestations are true. Only the devil would use real speaking in tongues and interpretation of tongues to brainwash someone to trust him.

5.) Our ministry is the ONLY ONE with the truth. If you leave, calamity will strike you and you will be out from under the protection of the Lord.

6.) We are everything to you. Worship us. Where will you go? Only we have the truth.

7.) You will become our little automaton, believing the doctrines we tell you to believe and shunning those doctrines that would question our authority over you. Come tell your leadership before you make any kinds of decisions, in fact, we will tell you what to do. You just concentrate on the unity of the spirit and the bond of peace. What? You would question an elder? You just concentrate on obedience little minion.

8.) Should the REAL Lord be merciful and tell you to leave the cult - even if it is just with the shirt on your back, no-one is allowed to talk to you and you will become Marked and AVOID!

Phew! Not only was I in a cult, but I know a woman who knew David Koresh! She watched as alot of her friends sold property and other stuff and went off with David Koresh and ended up being Branch Davidians. If you don't know what happened to them, google it.

Evil men and SEDUCERS will wax worse and worse. The devil loves to hurt innocent people who are seeking for the truth. And here is another warning. Most people who join the truth movement looking for answers end up falling for the New Age religion, because even in the truth movement there is so much lies and propaganda! As we know, since alot of us know false prophets and false brethren personally, that only the grace of God saved us from being deceived.

That is why you have to seek the Lord with everything you've got and pray and pray and pray for answers, for the truth and to discern. READ YOUR BIBLE! Put on the whole armor of God. But please! Please guard your heart and take everything to the Lord. The Lord NEEDS you to have a personal relationship with HIM ALONE because there are alot of people that will love to make the decisions for you and tell you what to believe and what to do, and to have the power over you! It is a dark scary world out there. BE SAFE!

Dear Amazing Father - thank you for opening our eyes and steering us clear of cults and cult leaders, who ravage the flock and make their followers twice the child of hell then they are. Protect us - keep us wise as serpents and harmless as doves, that we may warn our fellow believers against evil men who would hurt them and use them. Help those who are trapped in cults to leave, and heal them. In Jesus name. Amen.


Sarah Beveridge said...

Thank you for this Linda. To be honest what you said sounds like the average church these days. If you don't act and look like them then you are not part of their group. But they want your tithe so they attempt to slowly change you into what they are.
In Christ, Sarah

Anonymous said...

Linda you're on FIRE with these topics keep it up!

Anonymous said...

My wife is in a cult called Condor Blanco, they exhibit all of the traits listed in your blog. I have to stand back and watch this happen because if I interfere with her beliefs she will simply leave. Maybe I should give up on this but I need to know that nothing could be done to save our marriage if this is the case.

wendyworn said...

Dear Anonymous
I do not believe that you should give up on your marriage. But pray to the Father that your wife's eyes will be opened to the truth about the cult. Many people have been delivered from cults. There is a lot of guilt and fear about leaving the cult. Show her the truth about God - that He is not only in one ministry. Let me know if I can help. I was in the Way International cult for seven years and they do use brainwashing techniques. If you need to have your wife email me you can email me at But the real thing you can do is love your wife and put her in the Father's hand. Nothing is impossible for him


Anonymous said...

My husband and I were both raised in a cult. (Jehovahs Witnesses). My husband started to "wake up" almost 2 years before i did. I want to thank you for your prayers to help people get out of cults. I believe prayer helps alot, but from experience what helped me is the extreme kindness my husband showed to me in everyday life. That is what made me admire, appreciate and respect him so much. When he slowly started giving me hints about the lies, hypocracy and ect... I was able to let it slowly sink in and use my own god given thinking ability. I really appreciate the truth of scriptures such as love god with your whole heart, soul and MIND. People in cults have to be woken up gently. Love and Kindness go along way! Also, thank you for praying for those who are coming out of cults to heal. Lord knows I need to heal. Reading things like this and other peoples experiences helps alot. Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Good post. Food for thought.