Saturday, March 5, 2011

We interupt this scheduled program...

I am spending the weekend at the farm. My sister and I have plans to make homemade pasta noodles and if we have time, we may make some shirts from fabric we bought last weekend at JoAnn's fabric. The realtor is having an open house at my parents this weekend, and my parents are at a retreat and it was a wonderful time to get away from the city.

I am having a wonderful time. I feel like a little kid who got a shiny new acoustic guitar for Christmas! Oh, I've gotten ahead of myself.

So originally I wasn't planning on taking my guitar to my sisters house, but at the last minute, I thought "maybe I would have some time to practice." I am convinced now that it was the leading of the Lord. I've been practicing the guitar, but I have also been praying saying, "Lord, how can I obey you in learning the guitar if I physically can hardly play these chords? But, I only want to do Your Will."

When I got to the farm Friday night, I was talking to my nephew about my dilemma. He also has a guitar and come to find out, has a similar dilemma. So the more we talked the more it was settled, we would TRADE!!!!

I now have a beautiful ACOUSTIC guitar!!! Long time readers will by now have figured out how much I love the acoustic guitar. I did not see this coming. The acoustic guitar has a neck that is 1/2 an inch NARROWER than the classic guitar. 1/2 an inch is ALOT when you are talking about fingers! AAAAAHHHHHH, my hand fits the neck of this acoustic guitar like nobody's business! Not to mention the fact that I absolutely LOVE the sound of the acoustic guitar. The case also has straps so that you can wear the guitar on your back. I told my nephew, "Drifters ALWAYS have guitars strapped to their backs!" I am so very blessed and thankful and excited to really play now.

My nephew was also very blessed. It means alot to him to be playing his grandmothers guitar and his hands were so big for the narrow neck of the acoustic guitar that he was having a hard time. Now, he can play the classical guitar like nobody's business.

I just kept saying over and over in my head, "thank you thank you thank you Lord!!~! You are the most awesome Father!"

Dear Heavenly Father, YOU ARE AWESOME! Thank you so much for always being faithful and that your timing is perfect!! In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

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Sarah Beveridge said...

People just have a hard time understanding that our God is into the details and the little things. Just like the still small voice He spoke to Elijah.