Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Order in the Court

Heh heh. I am so glad they let us bring our laptops! It's almost like I'm at home. Except I should have brought my guitar because I could be practicing right now!

So we are breaking for lunch at the moment, but I need to report to the courtroom at 1:15pm for the possiblity of a trial. They only need 12 people out of 40, so I may not end up being on the jury yet, will find out then. I have an hour to kill. Can I say that at the courthouse? :0)

We got to watch a little film about what to do if you are on a jury. I guess a couple weeks ago one of the guys in the jury room got bored and left before being excused and they had a warrant out for his arrest! Serious stuff. I think it is interesting. In the film they stressed the fact that it is a high priveledge to be able to have a jury trial. I guess so.

Talk to you soon!

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