Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to the mountain...

The Lord has called me back to the road for a bit. I went to Jiffy Lube this morning to get an oil change (and some lights fixed grrr) and then headed out to Mt. Hood. It was a really beautiful drive and I had a chance to stop and fellowship with some christian friends that I know. They are also preparing to go out on the road when the Lord gives the word. We talked about the coming judgement. It could literally be any day now and those of you who are reading this should repent and seek the Lord. Ask the Lord what you can do to prepare and seek His will. I believe every day now without God's judgement is a day of extra grace that the Lord is giving to His kids to get ready. The van almost overheated going to the top of Mt. Hood and I had to pull over 3 times to let it cool down in order to reach the top. I'm here to seek the will of the Father myself. Thank you Lord for your amazing blessings and for your word. Your judgements are just and righteous.

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