Tuesday, September 6, 2011

5 am

I am getting up early this week to test my morning routine before I actually start work next week. My cousin leaves for the hospital at 6:45 so she can be to work by 7am, but my schedule will be 8-5. So until I get a car of my own, I will have to try to work within this schedule. I am still trying to walk, do my exercises and practice my guitar and shower all before I have to leave the house. My cousin asked why I don't just do it after work. It's because I know myself, I won't do it at the end of the day.

So as it stands right now here is my morning schedule:

3am - phone alarm goes off and I snooze it until:
3:30-4:15 - read the bible and do my journaling
4:15-4:30 - check email
4:30-5:00 - practice guitar
5:00-5:15 - online
5:15-6:00 - walk and do exercises
6:00-6:15 - online - eat oatmeal
6:15-6:45 - shower and get ready
6:45 - leave for work with my cousin

Now this schedule will be adjusted once I get my own car and then also, my cousin tells me that they give a 20% discount to hospital employees at the local athletic club. There is a really nice athletic club close by that has both an indoor track and a pool, so once I get settled in I can join it and then do all my exercises straight after work, or something like that. I like the idea of maybe taking some water aerobics classes. I am still hoping to lose weight while I'm here. I have lost close to 10 pounds so far, but that also means I need to make sure I get my exercising in.

Ok - that's my 15 minutes online. Now for my walk.

have a good day!
love in Christ


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Congrats on the 10 pds. God is so good, he always has a plan for us.

Your situation now somewhat reminds me of when I moved to South Florida some yrs ago ( I live in North Fla now) down near Miami, almost in Miami actually. From this town, that is a very long distance.

God took me from my familiar surrounding of friends, lots of family, what I knew most of my life and provided me with a job, apt and everything I needed. I lived in that same apt by myself(including my CAT), same job for 6 yrs almost to the date--literally exactly six yrs.

Those were the yrs God really began a deeper work in me and especially dealing with 'people'. I am naturally a people person, that is not the issue. I love talking and meeting people, but I needed to go deeper in learning to be refined in so many areas in my life.

Then after that was when he took me on this wilderness journey. The truth is though, the journey started 2 yrs while I was still down there and even working. But, the real wilderness kicked in when he told me to move back up here, leave everything, 5 yrs ago. Now, that was another challenge in itself and has still been to date.

Looks like you are on a similar road, with some differences though. But, looks like God has the same purpose in mind, to work on ur heart.

Wish you the best. Yes, he has good planned.


wendyworn said...

yeah, I believe the Lord is working on my heart, but frankly - I'm not sure what the Lord has in store for me here. But I am looking forward to finding out.

thanks for commenting!
lots of love

Anonymous said...

There is this quote that really sums things up.

"Life is what is happening to us while we are busy making plans"

So, in essence, what he has in store for us is already happening right now. We just continue to walk it out in what we call 'life' day to day.

I know there are what we call 'big' or 'major' events that take place in our life at times, but I think I am guilty of waiting to see one of those to believe that God is working in my behalf when he is everyday of our lives.

That is something I remind myself when I forget, and sometimes I do..we all do.

You're welcome Sis!