Monday, September 26, 2011

Ode to Johnny

Ode to Johnny

sleep escapes me
my eyes are closed
i try to remember
a kiss stolen
when i wasn't ready
oh how i wish
i could turn back time

i can see you
in my mind
lying on a picnic table
black shades and
big smile
johnny come lately
the park where we met

a fire is burning
inside my chest
i am afraid
for the world
earthquakes and eruptions
should we ever be allowed
to kiss again

take heart my johnny
the time is coming soon
i will bring colors back
with me to ontario
when we are together
i pray the lord
my johnny to keep

it is quiet now
i am breathing in
breathing out
waiting for you
when the door is opened
i want to put my finger
on your tattoo

- by Linda Stevenson

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B. K. Hutterer said...

What I might advise you do is add lighter colours to your blog. Even though I am not an evangelist, I at least find enjoyment at browsing other people's blog for the enjoyment of seeing bright colours. It may seem odd to you, but brighter colours make for a more attractive and easy-to-read kind of blog.

Other than that, I encourage you to keep blogging. It has been really great reading the stuff you have to say.