Monday, October 29, 2012


My next door neighbor's name is Doug. The house he lives in actually belongs to his sister and he is basically the caretaker. Johnny and Doug became fast friends while Johnny was here and they drove around in my van. A lot of people think that Doug is black - but he's not - he just has a really dark tan from working outside all the time. Doug is a major alcoholic and one day when I came home from work for lunch - I found him passed out on his front lawn. I tried to get him to get up and get out of the sun but he wouldn't. I ended up calling 911 because I was concerned he was going to get sunstroke. I don't think he has really forgiven me for that.

On Sunday when I came home from the store he said that he had something for me. I waited as he went back inside to get it. He came out with a jar filled with mystery contents. I asked if it was spaghetti sauce but he said that it was chili. He said that he made too much but that he used vegetable juice instead of tomato juice in his recipe and that it was a little tangy. I thanked him for thinking of me and went inside. I'm on a diet so I can't really eat chili and I was trying to think who I could give this chili to.

Today when I came home from work I found a note on my front door. It said:

Don't eat the chili - I've been up sick all night

that was really sweet.

Lots of love


Mrs White said...

Cute post.
I think Doug's act of kindness has shown that he's forgiven you.
Very nice of him to give you the chili and even nicer of him to warn you that maybe you shouldn't eat it after all. That part had me chuckle. lol
God Bless Doug

Mrs White

wendyworn said...

Yeah. Doug is a good neighbor. thanks for commenting!

Sitar said...

Once you said "I don't think he's forgiven me for that" i thought, oh no, he's given you some toxic mystery sauce!
Hope for humanity indeed, that's awesome and thoughtful of him all around :)

wendyworn said...

Thanks for commenting Sitar! Now he thinks that it may have been unrelated to the chili. He asked one of his friends to be a guinia pig and try the chili to see if it made him sick. He said his friend said no. So who knows!