Saturday, October 6, 2012


On Monday my son turned 22. He was travelling to the other side of the world. He is in the Air Force and made Senior Airman rank early. He is a natural in the military – just like his father. He was deployed to Qatar.
I hadn’t heard from him so I tried calling his cellphone. I left a message but I felt I needed to have some urgency. Finally I left him a message on his Facebook page to contact me. Moms worry – it’s what we do.
Today I got an email from him that he is 8 hours ahead and doesn’t know yet what his address will be. Ironically he is on Skype – so I guess it is time for me to buy that new computer so I can talk to my son.
I know the Lord is protecting him and that is a good thing. Pray for his safety.
Lots of love

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Ma said...

I hope you can get Skype. That is something I haven't tried. I have a sister in New Zealand that it would be kind of neat to talk to.