Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm sure his name is Nemesis...

Oh yeah! Don't let his extreme pathetic cuteness sway you! This little guy got out of the fence today. I am a bovineaphobe. Well, not really, but I also dont know much about them so it freaked my brain out that this little guy got out of the fence while the kids are at school and my sister and her husband are away celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary.

The first time I tried to get him back all the other little cows came to watch, so I think he was showing off for them and pretty much ignored me, as I first yelled and then pleaded and then said in nice soft tones to please get back in the fence.

I grabbed a big handful of alfalfa hay that they usually eat but his bored stare said, "Lady I got the longest best looking grass (that is always greener on this side of the fence I suppose) over here, oh look! Is that a lilac bush!" So I gave up for a bit.

I went inside and prayed that the Lord would please tell that little cow to get back in the fence. A little later the other cows got bored and went to the other side of the pasture (and away from the gate.) I tried again and this time I was able to open the gate and shush him through. Phew! THANK YOU LORD!!!

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