Thursday, April 1, 2010

New month, new day, new VAN!!!!

So yesterday, I got a call from a company that I had applied to over a month and a half ago. They had hired someone else, but were wondering if I would be interested in a similar position. So I agreed to meet for an interview. The job interview is on the East side of town and I live on the West side of town, so I wasnt all that keen on working for them due to the commute. I thought that I'd go to the interview anyway, because it is good practice and if I got offered a job, I would cross that bridge when I came to it.

As you know, I have been waiting on the Lord (with cash in hand) concerning a new vehicle to replace my much-loved but DOA van. So since I was going to be in an area of town I dont normally go, I looked on craig's list to see if there were any vehicles I'd be interested in.

I found an interesting van possibility so I called the guy and made an appointment for today at noon. But this morning as I was looking on craigs list again, I saw another van that looked ok. I almost didnt do anything about it, but at the last minute wrote down the phone number with the words, "alternate van", you know, just in case.

When I got to the first appointment the van had all this mold on the outside and the guy was hosing it off. In a word, "ewwww." So I called the alternate van number and went out to see it. He was asking $1000 and I asked if he would take $800. He said no, so my dad (who was with me) and I left. Then the guy called us back and offered $900 so I bought it. The inside (which I will show you pictures when I get it fixed up) is totally awesome and the back bench folds down into a bed. I feel like I have a home again. I was thanking the Lord that I finally had the go ahead to buy a new van and I was really glad that I had walked away from the other cars and vans I had looked at previously.

So I had just enough money to buy the vehicle, spend $163 getting it registered, $80 to fill both the gas tanks and $100 down on the insurance. I have a little extra to take it through Jiffy Lube and then I will be poor again. But I know that the Lord has my back and will take care of all my needs abundantly, when I wait on Him and trust Him.

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MathWho said...

Wow, it looked like in my head imageined when my mom told that you had new Van ... and later I look at these pictures wow all these are similar what I was imageined in my head! I am very happy for you my love! I can't wait to see inside of your new VAN! I love you so much and miss you!!!
Lord bless you, my love.