Sunday, February 13, 2011

The C Chord

At first, when I started to learn the guitar, I had it on my list of things to do. Somehow, it ended up always getting done last, after the other chores were done. Of course, as the last thing on the list, sometimes it got too late in the evening or I was just too tired by that time to do it.

I was thinking about how I want to love the Lord with all my heart, soul, mind and strength, and that it is the Lord's will for me to learn the guitar. I thought, if I was in love with someone - and they wanted me to learn the guitar, would it be the last thing on the list? Would I whine and moan to them about how I was too tired and didn't feel like practicing? No! I would put it FIRST on the list and I would be happy and joyful about every hour spent practicing. In fact, I would want to be the very best musician I could be in order to make that person happy. I realized that I needed to be IN LOVE with the Lord and His will for me, and to be very joyful when I practiced the guitar.

So I started practicing the guitar, early in the day, when I could. I was using this you-tube video for my first lesson:

Learn How to Play Guitar Series Lesson 1

I really liked this video because he stressed starting with these exercises that would get you used to playing that I felt were important. So I decided that I would not move onto lesson two until I felt I fully understood and could play lesson one.

So towards the end of my practice time yesterday, I felt I was ready to move on to lesson 2:

Learn How To Play Guitar Series Lesson 2

So the first new thing the instructor teaches is how to do a C-chord. For 10 minutes I struggled to get my fingers to do the C-chord, but it appeared that my left ring finger is too short! I physically could not do the chord. Then my timer went off and I was glad to be done with the lesson. How can I possibly be a guitar player with the short stubby fingers I have?!

I told my mom and she thought that was so funny, but I started to cry. I can't do the C-chord. How can I learn the guitar if I can't make my fingers do the right thing.

So I sought the Lord about my short fingers. I told my mom, "nothing is impossible with the Lord, he can make my fingers grow." I was taking my walk and praying. The Lord showed me that my fingers are not too short, because little kids in 5th grade learn how to play the guitar. Their hands are much smaller than mine.

The Lord said, "you need to stretch past your comfort zone. The devil wants you to believe that you can't do it, but I tell you that you can."

So today I can do the C-chord, but I still need a lot of practice and need to hold my hand differently than I did before, when it was comfortable. But with practice, the C-chord will become comfortable.

I sometimes think that maybe I should be out witnessing or going on the mission field or doing some great big thing for the Lord. But I have come to realize, that is not God's will for me to be doing those things right now. If I was witnessing outside of God's will, I could knock on a million doors and no-one would be saved, because it would be what I think I should be doing and not what God wants me to be doing.

Some really good teachings on that sort of thing is:
Take That God!

I got a call from the woman who owns the motel down in Pacific City. When I didn't get that job a couple years ago, I cried for three days! But the Lord also showed me later that that woman would have been horrible to work for. I told my dad that she called, and what I remember that the Lord had shown me about her. I told my dad that I know for a fact, that it is God's will that I am here helping you guys sell this house. My dad said, "yes! we were just reiterating to some friends at church that we could not have done this without you." I said, that the Lord has made sure that it will at least be a couple more months since my van is broke down. Dad said that he hopes that I will live with them until I get married, and that who knows? Maybe I will meet my husband in King City when they move there. I said, "I have thought of that!"

We shall see. The Lord's will be done.

Dear Heavenly Father. You are so amazing and wonderful and I love you so much. Help me do a C-chord and the rest of the chords and to play for you. Thank you for the new barber shop in the family and for how you always take such sweet care of me. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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