Monday, February 28, 2011

False Prophets 101 - Wolves in Sheeps Clothing

Since the Lord called me out of my regular life, to go on a journey for Him, to learn of Him, and to learn how to be close to Him and how to obey His Will for my life, I have believed and been deceived by several false prophecies. One of the main reasons I was deceived is because the people who made the false prophecies were (who I thought) high caliber believers filled with the Holy Spirit.

When I first started out on this journey back in 2008, the Lord told me to stock up on food. So I had my car filled with dried beans and coffee and little green propane bottles for cooking. But as the journey progressed, the Lord revealed that the food He was talking about, was not physical food, but spiritual. He wanted me to stock up on His Word in my mind so that I would be able to recognize if something was false. (This is what happened in my life. If the Lord has told you to stock up on physical food, by all means obey. I firmly believe that a person should have some extra food on hand for emergencies anyway - a prudent man prepares himself. Seek the Lord's will for yourself and your life.)

Many times in my life as a believer, the Lord has shown me the false (and I believed it) before He revealed that it was false and led me to the true doctrines. The bottom line is, it won't matter what doctrines we believe or not, but whether we obey what we do know. With the plethora of false doctrines out there it is very hard not to know what to do or what to believe. Especially as the prophecies get more and more outlandish.

I am not posting these things to bash anyone or to point any fingers. I highly respect my fellow believers who may have also been deceived like I was. Some of the things I will be posting about in the coming days, may be situations that you will recognize - but I will be talking about them for a reason and not to tear down brothers who may out of their own presumption or sometimes enthusiasm, have made false prophecies. One of the very first things Christ said when asked about the times to come was "Be not deceived."

I believe that each of us should seek the Lord for ourselves. To make sure that we are living our lives according to His will, and to seek the Truth from Him and not believe everything you read on the internet - including this website. Check things for yourself and with the Lord. Definately pray about these things. If you are not yet born again, or want to know more about Jesus, please email me at and I can direct you to some resources or may be able to help answer questions. It doesn't take a prophecy to know we are in dark days - just read the newspaper or watch the news. The whole world lies in the wicked one. Now is the time to make Jesus your savior and to seek the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

There are some wonderful teachings that may help prepare you. Two from Zac Poonen are:

Intro to Prophecy
False Prophets And The Broad Way

There are more from Zac Poonen and prophecy here.

Ironically, as I was thinking about how I was going to address this issue Omega Ministries came out with some excellent teaching on the Sprit of Divination or Python that I definately recommend listening to:

Python part 1
Python part 2

More audio messages from Omega Ministry are here.

Dear Heavenly Father, please be with us as we walk by Your Spriit in this evil and preverse world. Please help us to discern between true prophecies and false ones so that we can know what Your Will is for our lives. In Jesus name. Amen.


Anonymous said...

Linda I have been feeling the exact same way and this post came at a perfect time. The enemy is ramping up his attacks in diverse ways and even through distractions. If he knows you cannot be swayed by having sin show up on your doorstep then he'll find some other sort of avenue with which to distract you. I can testify to that. And believe you me I've definitely had to minimize the "prophecies" and what not I've read on the internet for this very reason. Even still, I don't doubt His word one bit and I know the times are a true testament to His word.
God bless you sister

wendyworn said...

I agree. Maybe you would like to have a guest post on this blog about false prophicies? or some other subject on your heart? If so, email me at

Those of us who really respect the gifts of the spirit and prophecy are the ones hurt the most by false prophecies. We cannot allow false prophecies (especially date-setting that does not come to pass) stop us from believing in true prophecies. That is why I want to try encourage people. The adversary is waging war against the saints and your comment was so true, he will try to overthrow the faith of some. Bless you Ernie!