Monday, August 22, 2011

Being in the Moment

My phone alarm goes off at 4:30am. I hit the snooze so I can stay in that awesome dream I am having. I talk to the Lord about the coming day, that I can know His will for me and that I have the energy to carry it out. I pray for the people in my life and I pray for Johnny, who seems to be on my heart and mind a lot these days.

The alarm goes off again and I get up and walk upstairs to let the dogs out. I guess one of them (probably Sweetie) couldn’t wait until 5am and pooped in the mudroom. Grr. Oh well, I clean it up.

I let the dogs out into the back yard. I put food in their dishes. Misty comes in through the doggie door, she is a long-hair wiener dog, who is black. Sweetie is a long-hair wiener dog too, but she is multi-colored. Sweetie is also old and blind and has snot running out of her nose all the time. Gross. I give her a little pill wrapped up in a doggie treat. Misty gets a treat too so she isn’t jealous. I am watching the dogs and my cousin’s house for her this week while her and her new husband go to Texas for their honeymoon.

I make coffee for the first time in this coffee maker. I guess I didn’t put the pot all the way in because coffee went everywhere and so did the grinds. I clean it up and put it in the trash can. Later, I bump into that trash can and it falls over spilling coffee grounds all over the floor! I clean that up too.

I get my mp3 player on and my running shoes and go out for my daily walk. I have scoped out a nice walking route that takes 20 minutes to do. I’ll walk it again later so that I get in 40 minutes of walking a day. I am listening to Gary Siglar do a teaching, but sometimes I listen to Russ Dizdar or Chris White. There are wild bunnies hopping around people’s yards here. You never see wild bunnies in neighborhoods in Oregon – just out in the boonies. I saw 4 different bunnies today. They are so cute.

People’s sprinklers are making tiny rainbows as they water the lawn. It reminds me of how the Father always takes such good care of me, and that I need to remember to be thankful and to be in the moment. The future will come and the Father will take care of that too.

Later, I hear thunder and I take a blanket out onto the front porch and watch a spectacular lighting show. I see the flash of lightning and then I count, one one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand, four – then I hear the thunder. Wow, a close one. I really wish they had great storms like this in Oregon. The storm takes about 45 minutes to go over head and then it goes away and you start to see blue sky again. So weird.

I am enjoying this time alone in a beautiful house, but I feel the winds of change again on the horizon. The Lord is planning another move for me again. I will tell you more about that soon, but for now, I am thankful for the beauty of every moment and I know the Father has good plans for me, where ever I am.

Take time to enjoy the little blessings in your lives. Pray for the people in your life and walk in newness of spirit. The Lord is in control of EVERYTHING – and we just have to trust Him.

Lots of love!


Anonymous said...

Amen-He really is in control of EVERYTHING-He has his reasons for it all, he knows best, he has our best in mind.

I remember hearing something that changed my life about 6 or 7 yrs ago, a minister said on TV, "God is not always interested in changing your circumstances, as he is in using your circumstances to change YOU".

I never forgot that, God used that to begin something inside of me in those days that I still see today. ( Even when I don't want the circumstances he has handed me).

Of course he eventually changes our circumstances, but I think a lot of times we are so focused on the 'change' we overlook what God wants to show us through it.

Well, the truth is, We will get the lesson or else we will go back around that mountain again like the Children of Israel until we get it.

I only want to go around the mountain once..haha!

Hang in there Girl--Yes, he is in control!

wendyworn said...

Most definately! I want to learn the lesson the first time around too!

take care my friend!

Ma said...

I had to chuckle at your a sympathetic way of course:)

I hope all is well and now I have Gary Siglar bookmarked to check out!I haven't listened to Chris in awhile, but I like his stuff a lot too.

Anonymous said...

lol! If there is one thing I hate it is cleaning dog poop.

Looks like she handled it well. lol!