Saturday, August 13, 2011

Martin Zender - Crack O Dawn Report


Anonymous said...

Leave it up to Martin to really, "Tell it like it is".haha! I love him.

I mean really, really, who can truly argue with the fact that under the umbrella of the Love of God that there is also fiery flames waiting to burn the HELL out of those who claim to love non-stop--Yes, you have to be brainwashed to believe that, and temporarily insane in that part of the membrane.

I 'was' considering doing more You-tube videos ( well audio, I don't have a camera anymore) lately on this subject. Martin kind of reminded me of what God was leading me to do.

We shall see.

Either way, Martin you are correct.

Glad you posted this, I need to post it to my blog..I think I will.

Thanks SIS..for EVERYTHING!!


wendyworn said...

Yeah, Martin is definiately a no pulling punches kind of guy.

Yet - who could argue with that logic?

When we understand that we are the sane ones and everyone else is crazy, gives me a nice freedom feeling. Ha ha!

love you sister!

Anonymous said...

It sure does, a nice feeling of freedom that only can come from God.

Actually, there is someone who would debate that logic..and like he said, "Put Eternal Torment under the umbrella with God is Love".--That is the sad part. It is just too good to be true for everybody 'else' and never THEM.

It is amazing how people try to make us think we are crazy for believing that Christ actually did die ( and was SUCCESSFUL ) for the sins of the world--There definitely is a somewhat 'temporary insanity' going on when you believe otherwise.

Have you watched some of his other videos?


wendyworn said...

Yeah, he is pretty funny. He definiately likes to shake things up a bit!