Friday, March 12, 2010

The Values Test

So now that I don't have a vehicle and I'm truly stuck at my parents until the Lord tells me to go (obviously it will be after I get my taxes back and can get a new vehicle) the pressure to be working or at least have a job has massively increased. So I decided to apply down at the local Red Robin. I waitressed for years when I was younger so I can do it again if I have to until I can get a "real" job. I mean, how hard can it be?

So I filled out the application and talked to the manager. He said, "Would you like to take our values test that all our applicants take?" I said, "sure!" I mean, yeah, one more foot in the door so to speak.

So the manager came back with a sheet of paper that had 18 concepts listed like, "a baby" or "a devoted nurse" or "a corrupt judge" or "global nuclear war." and you had to rate the concepts from 1 being the very best and 18 being the very worst. They had two columns, one labeled "the practice column."

I think, "I dont need a practice column!" and I started in. I figured that "global nuclear war" has to be the absolute worst so I rate it with 18 and decide that I will just work my way from worst to best. I think, "a corrupt judge" is next with 17 and then I find "a poisened water supply." I think CRAP!! I'm sure a poisened water supply is worse then a corrupt judge! NOW I understand why there is a practice column! So I try concentrating a bit more (I have to interject here to say how much I hate mind control bullshit like these tests!) and keep working away at it. So I get down to where there is only two squares left but I have three numbers. I count the squares to be sure, Yep...18. So I go back to double check and I had 13 listed twice! GRRRR! So I have to go and scratch out all the double numbers and change them.

So in the end, the sheet looked like a mess and I ended up writing a little arrow up from the bottom of the page with a little note that said, "sorry, I guess I should have practiced! :) " Too, bad there was not a square that says, "Thanks, now that I have taken this test I wish I was dead." So I came home feeling like I flunked the stupid thing and that I was too idiotic to even work at Red Robin!!!

My mom thought the whole thing was hilarious. I was telling her, that I think I put "A devoted nurse" as better than "a baby" do you think I will be counted down for that? I've never seen her laugh so hard in my life.

So please my reading public, Pray for me to get out of here!!!!

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