Monday, March 22, 2010

My little cow problem...

So I had a little cow problem yesterday. There is this tiny triangle of land that is fenced off with both regular wire fencing and electric fencing. Inside that triangle of land are some baby trees, that my brother-in-law is trying to protect from the cows. Somehow the littlest black cow got inside the fence. I dont know how he did because there was no visable holes in the fence, but there he was, looking totally pathetic.

The real problem lay in the fact that between me and the little cow was a big ol mean steer with horns that could be used in all manner of scary and hurtful ways. Now, I am not sexist, but I looked at this problem and knew that a man was needed, because this was way out of my league to deal with. So I called my brother in law and told him the problem, and he called his friend from down road and his friend came to rescue I mean the cow.

Luckily it wasnt as hard a problem as I thought. We put some feed down for the steer and fenced him in, turned off the electric fence, and herded the little cow out of the fenced in area and back out to pasture where he belonged. Phew! Thank you Lord!

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