Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Waiting on the Lord

It's been a strange time at the farm this week. My brother-in-law left me his truck but it is a stick shift and I went to get in it the other day to run to the store and realized that I would not be comfortable driving it. I have been applying for jobs because that is in front of me to do and I have two interviews scheduled for April 2nd. I went on Craig's List and applied for another position, because until I get a solid job offer, I figure I should keep applying. 20 minutes later I got called for an interview for the next day! So I had to call my parents and have my other sister come out and pick me up (45 minutes away) and drive me to the interview.

The interview went well, and the guy said, "I have to check with the other guy, but I think you probably have the job, I will let you know in a couple hours." Well, they are closed now so not sure what to think about that.

I'm at a loss on what kind of vehicle to get, an economic car, a van or a truck with a canopy, maybe something I could live in, in a pinch. Or possibly a little class "c" motorhome? Something cute that I could drive and has a bathroom? I only have $1000 to spend so hmmmmm, what to do, what to do. If it really was true that every decision or possibility in life caused a parallel universe to crop up, there would be millions of new universes, from all the possible directions I can take right now.

I've had the cash to buy a vehicle for a week now, but I am waiting on the Lord. I have put the job, and the vehicle, and the living situation in His hands. If I get a job, then it will be His will and if I dont get a job, then it will be His will. I am peaceful either way, because bottom line? I only want to do the will of the Father. And right now? I dont know what that is.

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