Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My van is dead...

So I went to stay with my aunt this weekend. She has had three major knee surgeries in the last 4 months and needs help with cooking and running errands and such. As I drove over there on Wednesday, my van began overheating. I would pull over on the side of the road and turn it off and wait for it to cool down so I could make it over there. I barely made it to her house.

On friday my brother in law came over to see what he could make of it. The transmission is shot. Since it already had a serious steering and backing up problem, we decided it was not worth it to sink any more money into it. I was so thankful to God that I had not received my taxes back yet because I might have gotten the steering fixed just to have the transmission go out.

So I spent Saturday cleaning all of my possessions out of the van. So now, I'm not only without a vehicle, but I am truly homeless as well. Although my parents have assured me that I can stay at their house as long as I need, I half jokingly told my sister, "I know the Lord hasn't just left me there, although Satan keeps telling me that He has."

But I know that this is a wonderful new opportunity to trust in the Lord. He will provide me with a new vehicle and a new destination. In the meantime, the trial of not having a vehicle and having to ride the bus, is a priveledge, as a son of God. Because the trials of our faith bring about the peaceable fruits of righteousness. Please lift me and my vehicle situation up in prayer. Thanks!

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