Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Around the blogosphere...

It is a really beautiful blue sky day here in Oregon so I am going to get out of the basement and out of the house for a while! At the moment, things are peaceful and quiet in my life so I am using this time to work on things. I'm practicing my guitar and walking and trying to lose some weight. We are getting ready to head to Wyoming for a couple weeks so I will try to post my road trips adventures. For now - here are some inspired writings that I have found on the net today that I think you would like to read:

Jane Doe, Meet Your Sin Nature from Lauren at One Bright Corner blog

Moving Heaven! Part 1
Moving Heaven! Part 2
both from Michael Boldea over at Homeward Bound

5.17 Riding a Lawn Mower Blindfolded from Amy Trosen at Today's Thought

Have a good day my friends!
Blessings in Christ


Anonymous said...

Have fun in Wyoming, another beautiful state. I totally loved living in Wash state actually, I mean really loved it there. I felt so at home and at peace in beauty of the PNW.

I am going to check out the links, have a good evening.


wendyworn said...

Thanks you have a good evening too!