Monday, May 2, 2011

The Boogie Man is dead

Oh PLEASE!~ Osama Bin Laden has been dead for years and years. Burial at sea MY BUTT! Give me a break. Now I suppose that mysterious terrorist groups that are supposedly all upset about it will have free reign to attack our country (courtesy of those who brought you 9/11)

It is our own government that has it in for us, our own evil shadow government. Of course Obama and his "elite team" according to CNN will have the credit for bringing down the scariest Arab that ever lived. Of course they had to dispose of the body quickly, can't have anybody looking too closely to see that it has been on ice for almost a decade.

Well. With the scary Mr. Bin Laden out of the way - who will be the new Boogie Man? Who will we have that we can use to perpetuate the "war on terror"?

I am warning you - get right with God while there is still time, my friends. Seek Him diligently, and then once you find Him hold on tight and don't let go! It's only going downhill from here.

With love and concern

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