Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Old School - UPDATED

My grandparents are both 93 years old, but they are fiercely independent and have all their mental faculties. My grandfather would be a curmudgeon if he wasn’t so dang funny. My grandma never misses a beat when she says, “It’s a good life if you don’t weaken!” My grandfather calls her, “woman” and towers over her 4 foot two frame. But they have been married for 70 years now. Grandma says, “I never thought I would be married for 70 years,” and Grandpa says, “yeah, well it was touch and go there for a while.” It’s so funny because we all know there wasn’t any touch and go for them.

Around the dinner table my grandfather is telling us a story that he remembers from when he was six or seven years old and attending a Catholic elementary school. He says the nun there told them to save their nickels and dimes for the pagan babies. My grandfather said he didn’t know what a pagan baby was, but he knew that he wanted one! He saved up till he had fifty cents. He wasn’t sure how he would care for a pagan baby, so he outfitted a cardboard box that he kept under the bed. He was disappointed that those pagan babies never did show up at his school.

Yesterday as my mother and grandmother were sitting outside enjoying the smell of the lilac trees, my grandmother confided that it is very hard for them to keep living in this house that they have lived in for 30 years. My grandmother has to go down two flights of stairs to do the laundry and the only shower they have is downstairs, so my grandfather has to go down the stairs to have his daily shower. When we got to my uncles house in the next town over, they were telling us that some of the walls in grandma’s house are literally crumbling down. There is also an actual oil well underneath their house that bows the floor in one of the bedrooms. No one thinks they can sell the house; they will just have to bulldoze it when they are done with it. I said, can’t they bulldoze the house, set up the oil well and live off the proceeds? No, the laws in this state are that you can own the land but not the mineral rights. I thought, yeah, of course. Jerks.

Later this morning we were supposed to go pick up my grandparents and drive to Cody for lunch and shopping. But when my grandma came home from church and found my grandfather sitting in his chair, he told her he had fallen down the stairs. He was able to get back up the stairs to sit in his chair, but he was hurting pretty bad and she was going to take him to the hospital. We haven’t heard yet what the doctor said. My grandfather may just be convinced now that they need to move. There are some senior apartments in town that are based on your income. My grandma would like to move there, but they have so much stuff in their house that would need to be gone through. I’m wondering if this will be my next assignment. I guess we shall see.

Please pray for my grandparents.

I’ll check in again soon.
Blessings in Christ

UPDATED - Who ever heard of a 93 year old man falling BACKWARDS down a flight of stairs and walking away without a scratch or a broken bone. That is my Wonderful Heavenly Father at work. I told my mom that the Lord must have a cushion of air around my grandfather. He is ok. He is pretty bruised, but he is definately ok.

Thank you very much for your prayers.


Jasmine said...

will pray...and faith can move mountains.. god bless

wendyworn said...

Thank you Jasmine!

My grandfather is ok, just bruised but no broken bones - thank the Lord.