Monday, May 30, 2011

Crossroads - UPDATED

Wow. What a crazy week. We have had a lovely time. My grandfather is much better. My mom's sister has been up from Casper. My parents and her and my uncle all talked about what we could do about my grandparents living situation. Nothing really presented itself. But my aunt said that she needs to move from her apartment down in Casper before the winter and that they had just raised her rent $200 a month. In order for her to make ends meet she would need to start working full time at her job, which she really doesn't want to do because she is 67 years old.

She asks us to pray for her to see if it is the Lord's will for her to move up from Casper to Greybull so that she could be near my grandparents and look out for them and drive them around etc. So we prayed that if it was the Lord's will for her to move up here from Casper that the Lord would open doors for her up here and close the ones down in Casper. She knows that no matter what - she has to move from her apartment down there because the stairs get too icy during the winter and she has to carry her laundry down and with the raised rent - it just was beginning to seem that the Lord was already starting to close the doors down there for her.

Yesterday (Sunday on Memorial Day weekend) she got a call from the local counseling center. She had called them earlier in the week to see if there were any job openings - preferrably part time in her field. The doctor thinks there may be a position available for her and he set up an interview for tomorrow at 11am. Then an apartment that is a two bedroom - ground floor apartment with a washer and dryer in it may also be available that we were actually able to go see today. It is a very cute apartment and would only be $450 a month!

So it seems like the Lord is opening doors up here. Of course everything hinges on this interview tomorrow. My parents have decided to wait until after her interview before we head back to Oregon. We are thinking that if she gets the job, then I will go down to Casper with her and spend the next couple months with her to help her go through all her stuff (my forte) and help her with the move. I would be here with her until sometime in August and we would worry about how I would get back later. If she doesn't get the job - then I will head back to Oregon with my parents. So this crossroads in my aunt's life, may very well be a crossroads in mine. Of course - we know that these things are always ordered by the Lord. Should it be the Lord's will that she move up here and gets the job, I will stay with her for the next couple months. If it is not the Lord's will - then I will return home, with mom and dad. Which isn't really my home either - because I go where the Lord wants me to go and stay where the Lord wants me to stay. I have really known this week that it was the Lord's will that I was here on this vacation with my parents.

So after my aunt's job interview I will know if I head to Oregon or stay in Wyoming. I don't know what my internet access will be for either direction so you will just have to be in suspense until I will be able to get online and let you know which way I went. Sorry guys.

Please pray for my family, my aunt and my parents and my grandparents. That the Lord will continue to look out for us in Jesus name!

Blessings in Christ

Updated - they were unable to let my aunt know if she got the job so I am heading back to Oregon and we will play things by ear.

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Anonymous said...

Hi sis!

As you know God is in control and ordering all of our steps. You will be wherever it is you need to be when you need to be. He won't let us down, even though sometimes he confuses the hell out of us.

It is all working together for our good!