Friday, May 13, 2011

Spiritual Dishonesty

I am very upset by what I see as a plethora of bad prophecies and fear-mongering going on all over the internet. This billboard above is located just a few miles from my house. I’ll bet that since this guy completely believes that the world is ending next Saturday, he has spent his entire life savings putting these stupid billboards up all over the country. Boy! Is he going to be in for a surprise!

Now I went to his website in order to see where he is coming from. In a nutshell, he is saying that because Noah was in the ark for seven days before the flood, that means that the Lord, (who one day is like a thousand years) was saying that it would be seven thousand years and the world would be destroyed. Pretty simplistic – but ok – I understand what you are saying. He put the flood of Noah’s time at 4990 B.C. He mathematically concludes that 4990 + 2011 = 7001 or something like that. The real problem with his fuzzy math is; try googling Noah’s flood and you will come up with several time frames. Josephus, the famous Jewish historian put Noah’s flood between 2500 and 2300 B.C. where others say it could also be 3600 B.C. The point is it’s kind of hard to nail down the exact year that Noah’s flood happened.

As I have stated before on this blog – the Word can be twisted to say whatever someone wants it to say. Many people before this man have set the date of the end of the world – and you can guarantee – there will be people after him.

I’m here to tell you ABSOLUTELY that the world will not be ending next Saturday because we are leaving that day to go on our trip to Wyoming. We also have plans for Memorial Day weekend.

There is something else that has been upsetting me as well. All these people (and I’m not pointing my fingers at anyone in particular because I have seen SEVERAL Christian websites do this) that make a point of saying that some calamity is coming and either they set a date like the guy above OR they say that the spirit of God is giving them a bad feeling that some calamity is going to happen today or tomorrow. But they clarify it with the phrase, “but I could be wrong.”

Now I looked up the phrase, “I could be wrong” in the bible. Guess what? It’s not in there! In fact, even the Old Testament false prophets wouldn’t be so spiritually dishonest as to attach a clarifier to their false prophecies. Either the Spirit of God told you something or He did not. The minute you added the words, “Maybe I’m wrong” or “I could be wrong.” You became a liar. In order to even put the words “I could be wrong” with your fear-mongering date-setting, you had to know deep down, that the Spirit of God DID NOT tell you that. Because if the Holy Spirit HAD said something to you or put something on your heart – YOU WOULD KNOW IT and there would be no need for any kind of cover-your-own-ass statement like, “Maybe I’m wrong.”

I see this over and over on Christian websites, and I am just appalled. They come out saying the Lord woke them up at 3am with a bad case of heartburn so they know something bad is going to happen today, but, “I could be wrong!” You could be wrong? Buddy! You ARE WRONG! Then of course, nothing happens that day so the next day they come out with the obligatory apology post. So they say they are sorry, but a couple weeks later – here they are again with another, “God told me bad stuff is going to happen but I could be wrong”


I tell you now, you are NOT sorry. You are only sorry that nothing happened to validate you and the lying spirit you are listening too. Because if something HAD happened – you would be right up there at the front of the line claiming that you were right and that God had told you. Oh you are so spiritual!

So I have something important to say to all of the people who are engaged in this pattern of behavior, coming out and saying that the Father told you something bad was going to happen on such and such a date or that something bad is going to happen but you could be wrong and then it doesn’t happen so you have to come out and apologize but later you make another prediction. And believe me when I say, that I say this with the utmost love and concern for your soul.

Shut the hell up.

I’m sorry, does that sound too harsh? Is that too offensive? Well, it’s offensive that you are taking my Father’s name in vain. It is offensive that you are speaking lies in my Father’s name and it is offensive that you have no shame to claim to speak for God and you overthrow the faith of some and drag my Father’s glory through the dirt! How dare you. But, I am trying to be more loving so I will say it again, softly this time.

Shut the hell up. Please.

There are people who are literally salivating at the idea of the downfall of our country, and every other week make false predictions of its demise. Our country will fall sure enough because evil men are destroying it from the inside in order to make way for satan’s evil agenda, and no one is stopping them. There are enough real calamities coming and enough real darkness coming. We don’t need your lies and propaganda and fear-mongering on top of it. Whether or not it is God’s judgment is not for me to say.

If you are hearing from the Lord about some calamity, you had better double and triple check that what you heard is REALLY from the Lord before you go saying, “Thus saith the Lord.” Anything less is spiritual dishonesty.

With great love and concern for the brethren,


Anonymous said...

I am with you on this one, Shut the hell up. I wonder how many people actually believe this? wow.

BTW, I did join the website you sent, I do like it so far. It seems like it will be a help in encouraging me to continue to lose the weight.

Thank you very much!


wendyworn said...

I don't think a lot of people believe this. They think it is ok to say whatever they want, attribute it to God, and then come out and apologize like they are not false prophets, just oops made a mistake. It makes God look bad and then the real prophets of God get lost in the masses.

yeah! I really think I'm going to lose weight with sparkpeople!

blessings in Christ

Anonymous said...

I actually was in Yahoo chat with the guy who is preaching this message, or at least someone who works with him or in his ministry. He still proclaims that it is going to happen, SIGH!

Yes, I am looking forward to see how this Sparks works out too. I am already encouraged. Thanks for letting me know about it.

wendyworn said...

Deceiving and being deceived. We should just pray for him and anybody who believes this lie. It is sad, because any one of us can be deceived by this sort of thing. That is one of the reasons I wrote this post. We don't need people making false prophecies or think it is ok to say the Lord told them something and then it ends up being false. It is not ok. Lots of baby Christians get discouraged from this sort of thing and lost people think God has no credibility. God does not lie but people think it is ok to lie whenever they want!