Sunday, May 23, 2010

The 2012 London Olympics Mascots

Bob Schlenker who has the following two websites
The Open Scroll
The Open Scroll Blog
has written an eight part series on the Symbolism of the 2008 China Olympics. It is found here: Open Scroll Olympic Symbolism Parts 1-8
I highly recommend this reading - but fasten your seatbelt because it will literally blow you away!

When I read about the new 2012 London Olympics Mascots at : I sent him an email about what he thought. His response was:
"The little children readily identify them as aliens. Many people recognize Bart and Lisa Simpson too. The eye - all they need is triangle "sunglasses/sunglass?" What do you make of them? W and M for woman and man? I look forward to looking into it further when I have more time, as the Lord leads." Here is the video for those who haven't seen it:

(heil hitler anyone? what was that hand gesture? shotput you say? Puh-lease)

I responded by saying: "What struck me about the M and W is that it actually reminded me of the new Miracle Whip bottle Lady Gaga is even holding it in her new video? The M and the W are reflections of each other as in "as above so below" and if you turn the bottle upside down the logo is the same.

Bob went on to say, "The M and W together present three upward and three downward pointing deltas. Lady Gaga is covering the W while her right eye is covered."

I said in the email, " Henry Makow has an interesting article on the occult symbolism of the M and the W here:

Occult Logos and Insurance Pay

as to the weird olympic mascots - the M and W are part of their costume, one has a pyramid on his head and the other is a sun? But this is the most disturbing of all -

"Wenlock is named after the village of Much Wenlock where Pierre de Coubertin visited in 1890 and his idea for a modern Olympics was born. Mandeville is called after the Stoke Mandeville Hospital where the Paralympic movement began shortly after World War II.

Asked to describe exactly what his creations were, designer Grant Hunter of London-based firm Iris, said they were "magical beings" that would become "multi-dimensional" mascots aimed at capturing the imagination of children across the world" from this article:"

but let's just break down what the designer said again:

They were Magical (occult) beings
that would become (transform)
multi-dimensional (demonic) mascots
aimed at (with the ultimate goal of)
capturing (binding)
the imagination (minds)
of children across the world.

In other words: They are occult beings that will transform into demonic mascots with the ultimate goal of capturing and holding bound the minds of children across the world. Eeeewwww! Keep those horrible things away from my children!

Here is some more You-tube anaylsis of these mascots:

Illuminati: London 2012 unveils Olympic Games mascots Wenlock & Mandeville

Wenlock & Mandeville. Zion/Masonic Symbolism AGAIN

The fact that they are molten metal (alchemy) and that their eyes are cameras (Big Brother) could also be explored, but I'm running out of space!. I'm not usually one who anaylizes the symbolism of things, leaving that to more qualified people, but this is so blantant and obnoxious that it just had to be done. A big thanks to Bob for the idea to post on this. Please visit his website and he will be doing some local radio shows that I recommend listening to. Lots and lots of good stuff!

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