Wednesday, May 19, 2010

And sometimes I even do it right.

It was a strange day. One of my co-workers quit. I understand, now, that it was a gift from the Lord. This person was an adversary to me - but I never even admitted it to myself. When she said things that made my flesh angry and my back stiff - I never laid it to her, but only prayed for her and said to myself, maybe what she is saying is right, that I need to change this or that attitude, or talk slower when I answer the phone etc. The more this person rubbed me wrong - the more I fought the temptation to rail about her or hate her or be angry with her. The more she said snooty things to me (the kind of things that made my old man nature think "oh no she did ent!") the more I assumed responsibility for my feelings and that they were wrong and Jesus Christ NEVER had a personality conflict.

Now she is gone. She got a better job with more pay and can leave this nightmare. But the Lord showed me, that I passed this one. I never gave into the temptation to revel in disliking her. (I hate to admit this was one of my bad habits of gossip and slander before) I never let myself entertain evil thoughts against her. I led every thought captive on this one and prayed for her all the harder when I was especially tempted. So there was no more reason for that trial. That one is over. That is one win for the home team.

Thank you lord, for all the trials you set in my life. That I can learn to be obedient, (by the things I suffer). Please Lord, continue to be with me during the temptations and trials, that you can bring your Word to my mind in the midst of tribulations. You ARE SO AWESOME LORD!! LOVE YOU! In Jesus name AMEN!

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