Monday, December 13, 2010

Cursed Brew

Hi. Are you a sold out for Christ Christian who thinks it's ok to have a beer now and again? Well. I'm not going to lecture you on sin or alcohol. I'm just going to warn you that YOUR adversary, the devil, walks about searching for someone to devour. The devil doesn't even HIDE anymore! He is right out there in the open and in your face. So let's look at some of our local brews - shall we?

Arrogant Bastard:
That's a picture of your adversary right there. You drink this - you become an arrogant bastard - complete with demon. Notice it says - "You're not worthy." Who is he kidding!?

Dead Guy:
If you're not dead yet - you will be after a couple of these.

This is some scary stuff right here. It even has an all seeing eye and in smaller letters says "lifting of the veil" that's secret society speak for seeing into the spirit realm. This beer is a portal to the apocalypse. This is just the devil bragging because he actually thinks he is going to win. Tsk tsk.

And my personal favorite
Help yourself to the spirit of Ruination. Isn't he cute?

At the very end of days - the WHOLE WORLD will be worshipping the Beast. Go to Target and look at the book section. Every cover is black and they have titles that say "Betrayed" "Twisted" Etc. That is what our kids are reading and these are the beers they are drinking. I'm just saying that you don't know what they are putting in the beer these days. Drink at your own peril and ruination!

Please, if you are not saved, repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray to the Father that you may be spared from the evil coming on this earth!

Dear Heavenly Father - Please help those people that are under the spell of alcohol and the forces of darkness. Help them to break free of the bondage of the adversary.
Thank you for the liberty we have in Christ and that you have opened our eyes to the devices of Satan. In Jesus name. Amen.

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