Thursday, December 30, 2010

Walking by the Spirit

The original plan yesterday was that Dad and I were going to work on the garage some more. We now have a March 1st deadline to get this house ready to show since that is when they will be putting it on the market. They are in the process of putting in an offer on another house in a 55 and older community the next town over.

My mother came in to tell me that my dad had an "epiphany." He realized that he could get extra money from his annuity since there was a clause for getting money to buy a new primary residence. My mother was on her way out to run some errands. My dad was now going to have to apply for the special annuity money and would not be able to work on the garage. I asked my mom if she wanted me to go with her to run errands. She said, "sure, you can drive."

About 10 minutes after we left the house my mom started to feel ill. I asked her if she wanted me to turn around but she said no. We ended up pulling into a local McDonald's parking lot so she could use the bathroom, but she collapsed on the pavement. I ran into the McDonald's to ask them to call 911 and I went back to help her. I was able to get her back into the car and asked her if she had eaten (my mom is diabetic.) She said she had but I gave her some juice just in case. She was very pale and disoriented. The firemen showed up almost immediately. They checked her blood and it was not her blood sugar. But she had really low blood pressure and her heartbeat was irregular.

She is at the hospital now. They took her to the hospital and the doctor thought that she just might have fainted, but he wanted to keep her overnight for observation. She was feeling better and all the tests came back negative for any heart problems. As we talked we were amazed at the Lord's timing since my mother would have been driving and alone if I had not been with her at the last minute. Also, the firemen were at the grocery store in the same parking lot as the McDonald's and that was why they were able to respond so fast.

Dear Lord, please continue to watch over my parents and heal my mother of this infirmity and rebuke any spirits of infirmity that are attacking her, in Jesus name. Thank you Lord for watching over my parents and me and guiding our paths. Thank you for never leaving or forsaking us. In Jesus name. Amen.


Anonymous said...

How is your mother? I will keep her in prayer. Thank you for taking the time to blog, I feel encouraged each time I read it.

wendyworn said...

Thank you for asking! She is doing much better. We don't know why she fainted. I feel like the Lord is really looking after my parents at the moment.

Blessings in Christ