Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

What a truly amazing year it has been. This time last year I was at my parents house, filled with questions and unbelief about the things the Lord was doing in my life. Today, I am at my parents house again - and after I help them get moved out of this house - I do not know what is in store - yet I am very peaceful. All the things I experienced this year ESPECIALLY my trip to Ontario, has truly strengthened my faith in the Lord. I have no fear of the future or death or the things I was afraid of, even one short year ago. The Lord has truly proven to me that He is faithful.

I have been contemplating what my theme is for the year 2011. I have been seeking the Lord to what His will is for my theme. The first thing I think of is losing weight - but that is always on my list of resolutions. This year though, I really believe that the Lord will give me the victory in that category, because like all the categories of the flesh, the Lord wants to reveal Christ in me in that category as well.

The Lord has been truly putting 1 Corinthians 13 on my mind for the theme for next year. I know the Lord is always with me and never forsakes me. Yet, I don't always feel like I am close to the Lord. When I think about intimacy, TRUE intimacy, I realize that I have never really experienced intimacy before in my life. I have had sexual intimacy - but that is based on lust and if you scratch the surface of that lie, you find that it is not really intimacy, just a trick of the devil to make you believe that it is intimate when it is not - especially when it is not within the confines of a marriage.

When I read 1 Cor 13, I say - yeah, I've given all my possessions away and would give my body to be burned and I speak with tongues and understand ALOT of mysteries, and all the while I KNOW that I don't have charity (love) alot of the times - especially in the "is not easily provoked" category.

So my theme this year - is love. To Love the Lord with all my heart, soul, mind and strength - and to truly be intimate with the Lord - and to love my neighbors as myself.

Please pray for me when you read this. My parents are both doing good. My mom is home and the doctors think she just fainted, they did not find anything wrong with her. My dad's biopsy came back and his muscle problems were caused by the evil statins he was taking for cholesterol, which he has stopped taking and is much improved. My parents just believe it was the Lord's wake up call for them to address the too many stairs issue of their house and get into a one level house. I know that there are no accidents when walking by the Spirit and I feel that it is the Lord's will that I am here to help them.

Dear Amazing Heavenly Father, You are wonderful and gracious and merciful! Thank you so much for calling me to this walk, to wait on You, and learn from you. I lift up this next year - for myself, my family, my fellow Christians out there and for this country - that your will can be done. In Jesus name. Amen.


Ellen World said...

HAI.... my name ellen, I am just started bloging last month... maybe I will asking u many thing... how to do this n that..... tq


Kim said...

You are blessed to be in the position you are in which allows you to pick up and get rid of all your bonds and truly be free in the Lord. I am married and have an 11 y/o son. It is not quite so easily accomplished when you have (1) someone else in charge and (2) someone else who depends on you. It could be done, but only with lots of effort.

I too have felt the call to lose weight and I know that when I give it to God, it will happen. God speed to you in that.

I hear your growth. May it continue eternally.


wendyworn said...

Dear Kim,

I think that is the lesson the Lord is trying to show us; that we are ALL free in the Lord. You have a great opportunity to obey the Lord in submitting to your husband and teaching your son. The Lord calls us where we are at, and the trials we face are how we learn to obey in whatever situation we are in. Appreciate and love your husband and if your husband is not a believer, maybe he will be won by your Christian living and obedience to him and the Lord. If we put these things on the Lord as well, He will answer our prayers.
God bless you Kim!


wendyworn said...

Also, you might be interested in trying the 21-day fast from the Jetezen Franklin ministry

if you cannot do an all out fast (I only do juice fasts where I do not eat solid foods but liquids only) you mihgt like a daniel fast:

I believe that overeating is part of the curse that Jesus came to free us from. I was fasting when my mom fainted and I was that much more aware of how I wanted to eat in order to find comfort. It made me realize I was depending on food for comfort and not the Lord. I am praying to be able to be more closer to the Lord this year and that the Lord can deliver me from this.

Thanks for commenting!

Kim said...

I will be your prayer partner in this if you would like. We can pray for each other!


wendyworn said...

I would love that idea! please email me at

Ellen World said...