Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Spirit of Good Will

Please read the above comic. This is an example of how the adversary loves to get our guard down so that he can attack us. There are so many distractions. So much fun to be had. The adversary says, "You want to have fun dontcha? Studying the word and living for God is soooooo boring! Just relax and have some fun. Sin is totally fun."

I woke up this morning thinking about a video game I used to love. It was called Fire Emblem and I had played it on the Nintendo Game Cube, various versions on Game Boy and even recently on the Wii. Vividly in my mind was the characters and the moves and how much FUN I had playing it. I even know where my old Wii is located and could call up an old friend and go play it. Now I understand that the adversary brought that to my mind, to try to trick me into looking back to Babylon.

Studying the Word and Living for God is NOT boring. The "fun" of the world always has a price. Sin has a wage and it is not a living one. The price of sin is death even if you think you are having fun on the way. Drawing near to the Father should be how we want to spend our time and energy.

I think you should read this very insightful article from Joshua over at A Warrior's Heart:

Living Radically For Christ Pt. 5

We are in a battle - a fierce one like the one in the comic above and Satan will try every trick in the book to try to get your defenses down or get you off the narrow way. I'm not saying it is a sin to play video games, but it is SUCH a waste of time and games like Fire Emblem advocate magic and sorcery, witchcraft and spells, etc. I can gaurantee that it is NOT the will of the Father to be playing those games, or spending hours in front of the TV with the programming getting darker and more evil every day.

When I was a child I played childish games and wasted precious time. Now that I am grown, I want to be a mature daughter and only do the things that please the Lord. Right now that is helping my parents move and sell their house. Seek the Lord for your life and what He puts on your heart, do, and the Lord will give you the grace to obey Him. Waiting on the Lord, for confirmations that it is not just your mind talking, to find out what HE really wants you to do is very important. I actually had someone say to me the other day, "You don't have to wait on the Lord - the answer should just pop into your head." Sometimes it does and sometimes the Lord has me wait on the answer. I'd rather wait and be sure I am really hearing from the Lord and not just doing my own will.

Dear Heavenly Father - I lift up this year to you - as a living sacrifice, body, soul, mind and strength. Help me to know your will so that I may do it. Please be with those people who are seeking Your will, that they may have answers in their lives, so that they can do your will as well. In Jesus name. Amen.


Joshua said...

Great comic. It is so true. I heard of this story one time. I believe it is a true story of when the English were drunk over Christmas Eve, and the American Revolutionaries jumped at the opportunity to attack the English in their drunken stupor. It was a surprise attack and it definitely woke the English up. However, as we know, they lost the war in the end and the Americans gained their independence. A wake up call, but a surprising defeat for the English. We definitely need to be on guard at all times as Christians.

Also, thanks for linking my post on your blog. More people need to hear the truth and the only way for that to happen is to extend past the limitations of your own blog. Continue persevering in the faith Linda. You are a true Warrior for the Kingdom. :)

Many blessings in Christ,
Joshua :)

wendyworn said...

Yes! It is so important to be on guard against Satan and his hordes. Did you know there is a demon named Hilarity? We run from the evil stuff - but we really need to be equally on guard against the so-called good!

Thanks for commenting!