Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Mothers Guitar

Every morning, at my parents house, when I first get up, I pray before I get out of bed. Then I go in the kitchen and start some coffee and go to the bathroom. Then I make my bed and sit on it to start my morning in the Word. I read from the Old Testament and then I read from the New. After that I pray that the Father would lead me in his will, I write in my journal and I write down a list of things to do.

A couple months back, the Father started to put on my heart that I should learn how to play guitar. So I would write "Learn to play guitar?" on my list. My mother used to play the guitar years ago. I knew that her guitar was downstairs, under the stairs, in a dusty guitar case. But I did not feel peaceful about asking her if I could borrow it to learn on. I prayed about it, to see if that was the Father's will - but I always got a check in my spirit about talking to her, I felt like it might upset her. So I lifted it to the Lord and said, "Lord, if it is your will for me to learn guitar - then please give me a guitar." I stopped writing it on my list, and didn't really think about it anymore.

Yesterday my mother and I spent a good portion of the morning going through the downstairs where my mom has lots of kitchen and decorating stuff stored. We got ALOT of stuff done. We went through stuff and either packed it for moving or threw it away or put it in Goodwill boxes. She came across her dusty guitar. She opened it and it is in really good condition. She said, "give-away." I said, "I'll take it." Then she got really sad.

I told her, "Mom, you don't have to get rid of this. You can keep it." She said, "I just don't see myself playing this again. You can have it. What will you do with it?" I said, "Learn to play it, I guess."

So now I have a guitar. Strangely my dad also gave me some money for all the work I am doing around here, so I have money to get the strings replaced and possibly tuned, if need be. I even went on craigslist to see if there was anyone who could give me lessons. I wrote an email to one potential teacher about the idea of bartering for lessons - but I have not heard back. Now that I have a guitar - I believe that is a confirmation that the Lord wants me to learn how to play it. He will make a way for me to learn as well.

Thank you my wonderful merciful graceful Heavenly Father. I only want to do your will in this life and I will learn guitar if that is Your will. Take care of all the details Lord and all the details for this house-selling and house-buying for my parents. Thank you for all you do in even the tiny details of our lives. In Jesus name. Amen.

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