Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 10 - The art of forgiveness

My van is safely parked in my parents driveway. Not sure yet what will happen with it, but I don't have to deal with it for the moment.

As children of God, by what was accomplished by Jesus Christ and his sinless sacrifice, we are given the ability to lead every thought captive. Although it may not be very easy to control our minds and do spiritual warfare against every evil imagination, the Lord has given us that ability.

I know that many of my fellow brethren out there, understand how hard it can be to be in the midst of our unbelieving family and friends and to feel alone. I use to resent the people around me, for not living up to my expectations and not wanting to hear and love God's word. Even professed believers in Christ have betrayed me, and I learned the hard way that it will be the false brethren that will be our enemies.

But now, when I am tempted to be resentful and tempted to be unforgiving for past wrongs, I pray for those people. If I feel I can't forgive them, then I cry out to the Lord to help me love these people and forgive them. Bitterness springs up when you collect old hurts and wronged feelings. The Lord specifically says that those that do not forgive their fellows will be open to the tormentors. Let me tell you as a friend, don't go there. Forgive the people in your life, no matter the hurt they have done you - no matter how horrific. Stephen was at peace and able to forgive those who were biting him and stoning him. That was how Jesus was as well.

If you can't forgive - give even that to the Lord. The Lord is able to do a work in us that we can't even begin to imagine. He has promised that He will also finish the work that He starts in us.

Dear Heavenly Father, you always are so amazing. You speak and create universes from thin air and yet you are a tender loving father who wants us to be strong in His strength. Thank you for always being trustworthy, and for giving us the ability to control our minds in Jesus name. Amen.

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musemater said...

Hi again Wendyworn, No, I haven't read every post on your blog & I hope you don't think I'm a troll or mental stalker! I read the most recent posts & was just trying to get to know your story because you seem to be on the same spiritual pathway as I am in several areas.

I found this post by skipping back into your archives and am so glad I did because I have had these experiences with family and fellow believers as you write of here. I think all sincere believers will say the same thing too. Forgiveness is exactly the thing that Jesus showed me to free me too.:) Thank you for sharing your Christian walk through your blog.:)